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So the student loan has dropped, you’re new to the game and buying stuff for training this weekend. Perhaps it’s your first contact session so you need the essentials but you don’t want to shop around or walk into town to try find some gear. Well fear not you lazy fuck knuckle GH has your back! We’ve compiled the uniball pre-season shopping list that’ll get to your door reliably, with a few options allowing you to be pick and choose how much you want to spend.


You literally can’t play without one. You have two options available here, the first option you have is a normal mouthguard used in hockey rugby etc which will do a fine job for football players, however I’d really recommend going for the second option here as you can strap it onto your face cage. Strapped ones are a godsend as you’ll never lose or forget it.

Proworks Impact Resistant Mouth Guard

Price: £6.95








Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard/Gum Shield with Strap

Price: £12.43








Winter’s coming! The best value for money thermals IMO are by Under Armour who conveniently have a huge sale on everything from sleeveless under garments to full leggings which are all available through prime delivery. You’re gonna need something to go under those pads to keep you warm.


Under Armour Cg Armour Crew Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

Price: From £21.89








Under Armour HG ARMOUR Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

Price: From £21.89









Practice Jersey (check team colours)

Your coach is going to make you cover your pads with a practice jersey during training. Typically it’s white for offence and black for defence, but check with your team as some of them do it differently.

Budget Option:

Rawlings Sporting Goods Men’s Premium Pro Cut Practice Football Jersey

Price: £14.81







Baller Option:

Men’s Under Armour Football Practice Jersey

Price: £35.99








Eye black

It helps with glare apparently? Perfect for that mid-winter sunlight and it looks kinda cool.

Wilson Eye Stick, Black

Price: £11.44









Gloves (check team colours?)

Firstly, these are tacky so they make catching easier. Secondly they look good. Finally, Uniball is cold as fuck son so you’ll be needing these. Some teams care about team colours, but in general most Uniball teams aren’t bothered with the colour you wear. With the exception of QBs everyone will benefit from having some gloves, so have a look, see what you fancy. Typically lineman wear heavy padded gloves and all other positions WRs, DBs, LBs and RBs will use less or totally unpadded gloves.

Receiver Gloves – Budget Option:

Under Armour F5 Football Gloves – Midnight Navy 410

Price: £25.00






Receiver Gloves – Dope Option:

Men’s Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves

Price: From £47.24





Lineman Gloves – “Budget” Option:

WILSON tacktech MVP lineman american football gloves [black]

Price: £39.95






Lineman Gloves – Dope Option:

adidas Freak Max Adult Football Lineman Gloves

Price: From £68.02






Latex medical gloves

Keep your hands dry and warm under those football gloves. Fantastic purchase for any individual or a dozen team members to chuck a quid in for.

Box 200 – Omnitex Nitrile Blue Gloves XL, Extra Large – Powder Free

Price: £13.50







Pads (check your position)

Hopefully you’re aware you need these. Positions differ slightly by amount of protection and how much mobility you have in the pads e.g. QBs will have the smallest pads to allow them to move freely, whereas lineman pads are a lot more built up.

Budget Pads for QB/WR/DB:

Barnett VISION II Football Shoulder Pad, QB-WR-DB

Price: From £59.90





Budget Pads for LB/RB/OL/DL:

Barnett VISION III Football Shoulder Pad, FB-LB-TE-OL-DL

Price: £64.53






Nicer Pads for QB/WR/DB:

Barnett MARK I Football Shoulder Pad Pro, QB-WR

Price: £74.90






Nicer Pads for OL/DL/LB/RB:

Barnett MARK IV Football Shoulder Pad Pro, OL-DL

Price: £80.58








Game pants (check your team colours)

As cheap as you’ll see anywhere, follow the link and you can find similar pairs in a variety of colours.

Full Force American Football Professional Stretch Trousers

Price: £20.42











Well worth a buy to save you the embarrassment of going out with your hip pads upside down. A girdle is mandatory equipment on gameday so it’s not a bad shout to buy a set early on. This mandatory set must include knee pads so a 5 piece alone won’t do it, but speak to your club as they often have spare knees floating about.

5 piece (no knee pads):

Full Force Adult’s Bull Rush 5 Pad Football Girdle

Price: From £34.10






Mans best friend, the 7 piece girdle:

Full Force American Football Men’s Trousers with 7 Pockets and 7 Sewn-In Pads black

Price: £40.80






The classic 7 piece pad set if you did fancy one (club kit supplies?)

Full force American football saver 7 piece pad set

Price: £11.66









A pair of goggles so you look like fucking Dexter. ESSENTIAL.

OBAOLAY Sports Protective Eyewear Goggles Black

Price: £7.39







Your cleats have the power to make or break your gameday appearance. It’s pretty tough to find football cleats in the UK unless you want to order stuff in from stateside or Europe. Of course a pair of soccer boots can do a job, but if you have the cash I’d def recommend getting yourself some proper ones. The three top sellers that are readily available on Amazon are below. If you plan on being a kicker I’d recommend sticking to the soccer boots, otherwise football cleats are certainly the way to go for comfort and performance.


adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe

Price: From £72.33






NIKE Mens Lunarbeast PRO TD Football Cleats

Price: From £59.23






NIKE Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleat

Price: From £88.88








A wise man once said “if you’re not taping, you’re a c*nt”. Fingers might get bent back, ankles might need support and boots might split, so tape can be the difference between playing and not sometimes. Available by prime for those emergency orders.

Strappal Zinc Oxide Tape

Price: £5.75


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