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Coaching materials have never been easier to come by. With coaches producing so much content, it’s coming in new, innovative ways so you can always be taking in new information from top coaches no matter where you are.

Podcasts are a great way for these coaches to either interview guests or take a deep dive into a single subject. For Britball coaches, that means you can still be a student of the game wherever you are by listening to one of these five podcasts.



1. USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator Podcast

Coach Keith Grabowski’s Coach and Coordinator Podcast covers a broad variety of topics. With a new guest interview every week, there’s always something new to listen to. From top high school and college coaches, Coach Grabowski looks to touch on every element of the sport. With episodes varying in length from week to week, there’s plenty of content to fit any commute.



2. The Football Coaching Podcast


Coach Joe Daniel’s show, The Football Coaching Podcast,  is typically over an hour per episode. He covers a wide array of topics with some of the best episodes coming as a pair on the Miami Hurricanes 4-3.



3. Talking Football with Coach McKie

Coach McKie’s podcast, Talking Football with Coach McKie,  has a balance between guests and topics, some weeks interviewing a coach and some weeks looking into an area of Coach McKie’s expertise. The podcast has a focus on offense, in particular the spread offense and air raid, but there is almost certainly something you can take from this pod and add to your offense.

It’s also the only podcast on this list which has had a Britball guest, with Coach David Butler having been a guest interview. This episode is certainly one that British coaches will find easy to relate to and gives an insight into how a high school coach finds the difference between this level and that in the States.



4. Pro Style Spread Offense Podcast

The Pro Style Spread Offense Podcast is hosted by Jason Hahnstadt and  centres around the offensive side of the ball and is a great compliment to Coach McKie’s podcast, as they often discuss similar topics.



5. Run The Power

The new kid on the block, Run The Power is all about offensive line. Another podcast with a focus on its guest interviews, including a great episode with OLP’s LeCharles Bentley.



Bonus – Coach Fore’s Podcast

This isn’t meant to be a Top 5 list, so there is no order to these podcasts. However, one to keep an eye out for moving forward is a new podcast coming out from Coach Chris Fore. An expert on the Shield Punt as well as the originator of the ‘Eight Laces’ coaching resume writing service, there are plenty of subjects that I can’t wait to hear Coach Fore dig into.


Are there any coaching podcasts that you listen to that we missed off our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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