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Uniball – Rain Week Preview

As we enter into the second half of the season, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year, but now we get back to trying to predict the Uniball fixtures.

This week is the Rain week where a number of fixtures that were postponed before Christmas have been reorganised which is why we only have 5 games to comment on this week, all but one of those  are coming in Div 2.

The one game that we have in Div 1 comes from the 1A South West as Exeter travel to Cardiff. Cardiff hold the inferior record at 2-2 on the season with Exeter at 2-1 but appear to have a significantly more productive offence scoring 145 points in their 4 games compared to Exeter’s 62 over their 3 games. Both these sides have played against the Division leading Southampton Stags with Cardiff losing 31-29 and Exeter falling by 31-19. Personally I will be backing Cardiff to win this one.

There are four games in Div 2 this week, Starting in the 2A Borders we have Edinburgh playing YSJ. To put it simply Edinburgh are 3-0, YSJ are 0-3. Don’t think I need to say much more.

In the 2A North we have Bangor travelling to Bradford, Bradford are at 1-1 on the year and have positive points differential so far while Bangor are at 0-3 and have a total of 6 points scored compared to 59 against. I can’t really see Bangor winning this one.

The 2A South has KCL (3-1) facing off against the City Wolfpack (1-1). KCL top the division with an impressive offence and only 13 points conceded, 11 of which came in their lone loss against Sussex. City on the other hand one in a shootout against Greenwich and then subsequently got shut out in the next game. KCL should win this one and continue to top the division.

And finally in the 2A South West Southampton Solent host Oxford. Both teams are below .500 with Solent at 1-2 and Oxford at 0-3. This game could go either way with Oxford seemingly having the better offence but having a leaky defence with over 90 points conceded over their three games, this one may come down to whether or not the Oxford D can stop leaking points.

Good luck to all playing this week

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