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The UKAFL, UK American Football League, was an ambitous push for a semi-pro league in the UK spearheaded by owners Guy Kersey and Mick Tyler.

Following a difficult reception to their plans from the Britball community, the UKAFL activity ceased and Guy Kersey ended up taking a role with BAFA as an Events Manager.

This was on top of owning the Leicester Falcons and a majority stake in UK American Football media outlet Double Coverage with business partner Mick Taylor.

Following a slight name change, the UKAFL, now UK American Football Live, have launched a YouTube channel which will stream American Football games from the UK. This is starting tomorrow (14/4/19) with the first game of the 2019 Premier North season between Leicester Falcons and Sheffield Giants.

According to the UKAFLive YouTube About section, the organisation is focussed on content creation, distribution and rights holding.

Our sources have alleged that UKAFLive are in talks with BAFA about striking a deal to cover a wider set of games every week.

We reached out to Mick Taylor from UKAFL for comment. Mick stated that while there is no immediate information to share, UKAFL hope to make a press release very soon about their recent changes.

Streaming games in general has had a stuttering start to life across Britball, there have been some really great production pieces with high quality streams, commentary, livechat, onscreen scoreboards and instant replays and at the other end of the scale you’ve had clubs streaming a game from pitchside on Facebook Live from a shakey mobile phone. No doubt UKAFL’s offering will be all about the former.

Its typically understood that streaming is a key component in the growth, exposure and sustainability of the sport and the work of the UKAFL could potentially help clubs who have thus far struggled to bring this medium to life for their fans and players.

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