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Article written by The Playbook.

Ahead of the new NFL 2019/20 season, we’ve set out to design the perfect NFL quarterback by taking the very best physical attributes of English athletes across various different sports.

Head (Intelligence/Mentality/Focus)

Tommy Fleetwood – England Golfer

Pic: Titleist

The perfect NFL quarterback must be able to keep calm and make excellent decisions in high-pressured situations. At all times during the match, it’s critical the player has the strength of character to maintain a positive mentality, even in the face of adversity. Tommy Fleetwood is one of England’s finest golfers, keeping focussed on the task at hand and keeping all distractions at bay while out on the green.

Arm (Arm Strength)

Jofra Archer – England Cricket Player

Pic: The Independant

Arm strength is clearly fundamental to a quarterback’s success. While vision and accuracy are important, the QB must have the muscle power to throw huge distances, keeping as many passing options as possible open to him. England fast bowler Jofra Archer represents the perfect choice, whose right arm has consistently distributed bowling deliveries of more than 90mph all Summer.

Eyes/Hands (Accuracy)

Rob Cross – English Darts Player

Pic: Bilde

At the epicenter of almost every offensive play, it’s essential our perfect quarterback must be able to ignite team moves by throwing with pin-point accuracy. For this crucial attribute, we’re choosing English darts player, Rob Cross, with his ability to hit the smallest of targets at the most critical of moments.

Mouth (Leadership)

Owen Farrell – England Rugby Captain

Pic: Sky Sports

The quarterback must be a leader on and off the pitch, with the ability to influence and inspire his teammates, either leading by example on the field or motivating others in training. England rugby captain Owen Farrell does exactly this, encouraging his teammates to leave everything on the field and maintain the mental toughness necessary to cope under pressure.

Heart (Clutch/Competitiveness)

Ben Stokes – England Cricket Player

Pic: The Sun

A perfect NFL quarterback must be fiercely competitive in driving his team forward and maintaining their fighting spirit through the long and treacherous NFL season. England all-round cricketer, Ben Stokes, has become famous for pulling out all stops to carry his team over the line, whatever the challenge put before him.

Chest (Toughness/Bravery)

Leon Edwards – English UFC Welterweight Fighter

Pic: UFC

NFL quarterbacks are the main targets for every defensive side, to stop plays in their tracks and claim much-celebrated sacks. The QB must be capable and brave enough to endure hard knocks throughout the long NFL season and still perform at the highest level. UFC Welterweight fighter Leon Edwards fits this bill perfectly, capable of withstanding immense physical pressure from his opponents, continually returning to his feet and striking back.

Core (Balance/Stability)

Tom Daley – English Diver

Pic: Men’s Variety

It’s crucial for our perfect quarterback to possess the flexibility and agility to make difficult throws, whether they’ve been knocked off balance by opponents or while running at high speeds. This requires a strong core and English Diver Tom Daley has the necessary physical attributes to consistently perform the perfect dive, thus making him the ideal choice.

Legs (Scrambling/Speed)

Adam Gemili – UK 100m runner

Pic: Mirror

A perfect NFL quarterback must be able scramble outside of the pocket and evade the pass rush if the protection breaks down. As a 100m sprinter, Adam Gemili has the required acceleration and speed to provide these necessary attributes.

Feet (Footwork)

Raheem Sterling – Manchester City Footballer

Pic: Mirror

A perfect NFL QB requires exceptional footwork to evade opponents, move up in the pocket and deliver accurate throws. England winger Raheem Sterling regularly displays exceptionally fast footwork in a similar manner, to get past his opponents and create opportunities out of nothing.

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