The Gridiron Hub App!

Another huge milestone for Gridiron Hub is reached as we launch our App! Available immediately from the App and Play Stores (links below), we proudly begin the next phase of development for Gridiron Hub with the first version of our mobile App.

The App contains only 2 sections of Gridiron Hub for now and has low-level functionality. Over the next 6 months we will be working hard with our developer to stand up all other sections and provide full functionality (and then some) to ensure that the website and App are aligned.

From that point on all new developments will be released at the same time on the App and website.

What’s available now?

The 2 sections that the App launches with are Gridiron Memes and Gridiron Forum. At present, Memes is the most popular section of Gridiron Hub and the App brings a slick new user experience for enjoying that content.

The Forum is a less popular part of Gridiron Hub and the hope is that by making it easier to access and use, we see a greater level of adoption within the community. The Forum is well structured and there should be something for everyone in there.


We want to hear what you have to say about the App and be part of its development. We already have a really good plan in place to bring some fantastic funtionality to the App. This includes things like Fixtures, Scores, Standings, Player Profiles, and Stat Capture to name a few. We have created a sub-Forum (under Other > Gridiron Hub) where you can start or join conversations about what we do in the future.

A more detailed look at the App


The Home page isn’t too special right now, it has links to all sections of the App but those are also navigable from the banner at the bottom of the screen.

In the future, the Home page (of both the App and website) will be customisable so that you can select the specific types of content from Gridiron Hub that you’d like to see. For example, you could have all news from the Prem North, all Memes about coaching, all forums posts with the word ‘London’, and any content posted by a particular Author.

Gridiron Memes

Split into 2 sections (Featured and User Posted) you can navigate through every single Meme ever posted!

Beneath each Meme are buttons allowing you to upvote, downvote, comment, report and share the content. Counters next to the icons keep track of how many people have voted and commented.

You can’t submit a Meme via the App just yet, for now that needs to be done on the website using the Submit page. However, this will be a function that is added soon.

Other functions we have planned to add are keyword searching (for the App and website) and the ability to jump to a particular month in years gone by to browse through.

Down the line we want to be able to sort the Memes by popularity rather than chronologically, this way you’ll be able to see the best stuff first.

Gridiron Forum

Really straight forward stuff here, the Forum has been laid out into the 3 main sections (NFL, Britball, Other) which are controlled at the top of the page.

From there everything is nicely organised into sub-forums ready for everyone to dive in. The same controls exist on each post that are on Memes (upvote, downvote, comment, report, share). You can also upvote, downvote and report individual comments.

You may’ve also noticed the ‘plus’ icon in the bottom right corner of the App. This is an ever-present icon no matter where you are in the App and it currently allows you to post to the Forum – see next section below for more info.

In the future we want to add the ability to run polls and to post gifs & pics. At present its strictly text comments.

The ‘plus’ icon

Clicking the ‘plus’ icon in the bottom right corner of the App will take you to this page which allows you to create new Forum Topics.

Simply select the Forum and Sub-Forum from the dropdowns, add a Title, enter your post content, then click Submit to start the Topic. Easy stuff.

We will be adding more functions to the ‘plus’ icon, like submitting Memes, posting Blogs, and sending in information.


The profile section is pretty basic at present, as default it will use your Facebook profile pic (if you signed up using Facebook) and has an option for you to Logout.

Any posts that you have made on Gridiron Hub will appear on your Profile. This will include content that you have posted Anonymously however no one else will be able to see this – just you.

In the future we will be adding the ability to ‘Add Friends’ and browse other profiles. We also will be building out the options for the profiles so you can add Player and Coaching related information.

Edit Profile

Clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ from your Profile page will give you the ability to change your Profile Image, add a Cover Image, change your Name and also add a written bio.

More controls are available on the website.

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