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QB Takeover – London

We caught up with Founder of Quarterback Takeover, Quincy Avery, as he prepares to host an elite QB Camp in London on November 2nd 2019.

Tell us a bit about you?

Having worked with over 10% of NFL quarterbacks and currently developing over 40 quarterbacks who participate in NCAA football, I’ve rapidly grown to be the top quarterback instructor in the US. Working with over 300 athletes across the states I want to help develop quarterbacks everywhere so we are all given the same opportunity to be successful at American Football.

Coach Quincy Avery (Pic:

Why do you only focus on QBs?

I focus on quarterbacks because it is the most important position in all of team sports. They are the leader of the football team having the ball each and every play their team is on offense, they can make or break a team. I want to help develop young men who change the way people view them and their team!

Why London?

We chose London as a location because it is accessible throughout the UK and we had a great experience with the previous quarterback camp in the UK with Deshaun Watson. We had the opportunity to have an international camp with two of our quarterbacks participating at the very same time who went through the very same drills and coaching are playing for their respective NFL teams the next day it was a perfect time to bring an advanced camp to London.  

Where will the camp be held?

Hyde Park

How much does it cost?


What can participants expect?

Participants can expect to learn the game at the highest level. From footwork, throwing mechanics, on platform throws, off platform throws, and an advanced technical understanding of defenses and what they are working to do. Each camper will also receive a UK exclusive QB Takeover sweatshirt.

How many participants are you expecting?

This is for quarterbacks who want to be elite quarterbacks in EU. We are only allowing 12 quarterbacks to participate

How can people register for it?

Using our Registration Link

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