Project Scotland is smashing it

Hail Mary Hits flagship programme “Project Scotland” has been helping teams throughout Scotland, with the aim of raising at least £5,000 by the end of March.

What have the folks at HMH being doing?

Well, lots of lots of great raffles. Just take a look at the Hail Mary Hits Facebook Page. By entering the raffles, you give yourself a fantastic opportunity to win some great prizes such as signed Helmets, cool bundles, NFL jerseys, and other unique NFL merchandise, but most importantly all the profits go towards the Hail Mary Hits Fund.

What have HMH funded so far?

Since the start of January, they have spent £1,000 on equipment going to Inverclyde. As many of you know kit is expensive and having club owned kit helps people get into the sport before buying your own pads, but its not just pads, step over bags, tackle bags, footballs and even something as simple as water bottles cost clubs money to make sure players are getting the best possible experience and training.

HMH have also helped raise £1400 to go towards the East Kilbride Pirates U19’s 48 game jerseys. By helping fund the junior squads we hope to see more youngsters joining the game we love and help drive our leagues to a higher standard.

HMH donated £370 towards the Highland Wildcats training camp. As much fun as it is to beat up on one another during the offseason, a training camp goes a long way in helping build that family bond. If you watch Hard Knocks you can appreciate how tight the bond is between players. Also training camps are a great chance to get players to put on a talent show and have a laugh and joke.

All in all, HMH has donated £6,700 in equipment so far which is fantastic to hear. Get yourself involved with a chance to win fantastic prizes whilst helping out the Britball Nation.

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