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2020 Record Predictions: AFC East!

We took a shot at some 2020 record predictions for the AFC East now that the Patriots are without Tom Brady!

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Buffalo Bills: 2020 Record Predictions AFC East

Buffalo Bills (12-4)

The Bills have been slowly getting better over the last couple of years and have a fairly decent squad now going into 2020. So much so that I don’t see them losing any of their first five games. Then they get a tougher run facing the Chiefs, Patriots and Seahawks in the next five games where I think they lose to the Chiefs and Seahawks. This gives them an 8-2 record through 10 games. In the back half, I see losses to the 49ers and potentially the Patriots away.

Miami Dolphins (4-12)

The Dolphins had the world at their feet with the amount of top draft picks they had but I don’t think they drafted well at all. Having got some talent in free agency will help but their schedule isn’t exactly easy. I see a lot in the ‘L’ column with them only managing three wins against the Jaguars, Cardinals and Jets through 10 games. Having the Jets back to back may provide the fourth win, however, I don’t see them beating anyone else.

Patriots: 2020 Record Predictions AFC East
USA Today’s FTW

New England Patriots (11-5)

The Patriots have lost their starting quarterback of the last 20 years and the replacement is a somewhat unknown. However, it really doesn’t matter; they have Bill Belichick and a top-three defence. Their biggest issue is the schedule isn’t exactly kind. Through the first eight games, I see losses to the Seahawks, Chiefs, 49ers and Bills leaving them 4-4 before they host Baltimore. After that, however, I struggle to see them losing to anyone.

New York Jets (0-16)

I really can’t see many positives coming from the Jets this year. No joke, looking at their schedule, wide receivers and defensive backs, they could easily go 0-16 this year. I cannot see where they even pick up an upset win looking through it.

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