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My American Football Journey – Dario Fumagalli

Dario Fumagalli – The Battered Bastards

“Where’s The Photos?”

“Where’s the photos?”. That’s a question I get asked after every single game. I’m sure it’s the same at every American Football club. We all love photos. More importantly, we all love photos of ourselves either playing, or coaching football. In a world of social media, photos and videos are king.

We love seeing the people in the shot, the stars of the show. But what about the people behind the camera? They’re just as important to the growth of our sport as the people playing the game. They’re the ones that capture magical moments, that we in turn, share to thousands of people around the world. One picture could spark an interest in someone to get involved in football. That’s a great gift.

So, I decided to get in contact with Dario Fumagalli. In my opinion, he’s one of the best sports photographers in Europe. If you’ve ever seen a picture from a Milano Seamen game in Italy, there’s a good chance it will be him behind the camera.

TD - Dario Fumagalli
TD – Dario Fumagalli

I wanted to know why he started taking photos of American Football games and why he loves doing it and these are his words.

The Man Behind The Camera

Hello, I’m Dario Fumagalli. I started taking photographs of the sport back in the 80s. I was asked to a game by a friend and it was loveat first sight.

From that moment, I started taking pictures of this fantastic sport. It’s opened a door for a better knowledge and understanding of taking photographs.

For 9 years now I’ve been the photographer of the Seamen Milano who compete in the championship of 1st Division FIDAF.

Seamen player in the rain - Dario Fumagalli
Seamen player in the rain – Dario Fumagalli
Run - Dario Fumagalli
Run – Dario Fumagalli

For me, photographing football is a continuous research. I never settle for the work I do and try to make better shots, which you can only get with attention and knowledge of the game. I have not found in other sports moments like in football. Action, intensity, physicality, strategy. In those 5 seconds of an action you have to find everything you need to make the perfect shot, which can not always succeed. It creates a continuous action to keep doing more research.

You must have knowledge of the technique, a lot of passion inside and love this sport, which I try to explain to the guys who always ask me for advice.

Seamen v Lions - Dario Fumagalli
Seamen v Lions – Dario Fumagalli
Blue Storm - Dario Fumagalli
Blue Storm – Dario Fumagalli

I have only one big dream left in the drawer, that is to take photos at an NFL game in Europe.

To see more from Dario, follow him on Instagram or check out the Milano Seamen on all social media platforms or go to their website

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