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Guy Kersey has left his role as Director of UKAFL, the following announcement was made on the UKAFL Facebook page:

It is with regret that we announce that Guy Kersey has stepped down from his role as a director of UKAFL. He has given many years of service to the sport and is well known for his passion and vision, attributes that will undoubtedly continue to shine with his work at the Leicester Falcons and Derby Braves
We would like to thank Guy for his support and sacrifices and wish him well in all his endeavours.
UKAFL are looking for new partners to work with in order to develop its vision of providing the best possible commercial opportunities for British American Football.
UKAFL was originally set up to create a range of commercial partnerships that can be used to benefit British American Football

Since the introduction of the NFL games in London focus on American Football has grown with TV Audiences of 24 million unique viewers, however this has not trickled down to the British game just yet

Our initial project is to provide a media platform for Live streaming of games, this will allow teams to broadcast their games to a worldwide audience.
We will focus on creating quality content either through our own production team or by publishing other production companies’ content.
Emphasis will be placed on making the viewing experience one that supporters will deem worthy of paying for. We will be targeting local businesses to use the streams for advertising their services

We plan to spread the word to the UK based NFL fans to come and support their local team. Anyone who want to be considered for a role within the company please contact Mick Tyler

UKAFL Facebook Announcement

Kersey had stepped away from another joint venture with Mick Tyler earlier this year in July when he resigned from his Directorial role at Double Coverage after less than a year in the position.

Not mentioned in the announcement is the appointment of another Director at UKAFL. David Robson, listed as a Web Developer, was appointed as a Director of UKAFL on Oct 31st.

The UKAFL Facebook page has recently been posting and sharing various media pieces of content to its audience. There has also been a section for Standings and Fixtures added to the UKAFL website

All of this activity from UKAFL seems to conflict with what Double Coverage do. However there has been a noticeable drop in activity from Double Coverage this past few months.

A pinned notice on the site (which has been unpinned in the past day or 2) from joint-owner Nick Wilson-Town explains the need to step away for a couple of weeks. There have still been a few posts during the last few months but they are likely to be from Roger Goodgroves who is the other Double Coverage Admin.

So my initial assumption was that the Double Coverage brand is getting wound down while UKAFL is re-imagined as a wider media outlet and not just a streaming platform.

However, speaking to Mick Tyler about the whole thing, he had the following to say:


“David Robson has been the technical brains behind the streams since day 1 his appointment as a Director is reward for his hard work and dedication to the company over the last 2 years, we are always looking to grow our team to achieve our plan of bringing commercial opportunities to British American Football . DC will continue as a Media role. “

Gridiron Hub also reached out to Guy Kersey for comment, he had the following to say to us:

Guy Kersey

I would like to wish Mick and Dave all the very best of luck in the future, I still strongly believe in what we were trying to do to help promote the sport that I love.

I have made the decision to step down for a number of reasons, the main one being that I couldn’t put the time into that I would like to be able to do high quality work, this was fortunately because my business Dragonfly Productions is growing rapidly.

The second reason was because we felt I had a conflict of interest, being the GM of the Falcons, and I would never give that up. Finally we also felt that BAFA have clearly had an issue with both myself and the Falcons, for UKAFL to work it has to be able to work closely with BAFA, and unfortunately some people within that organisation were not prepared to work with the UKAFL so long as I was involved, so it was with regret that i decided to step down as a director.

So from what Guy said, we can maybe expect better connections between UKAFL and BAFA moving forward.

It’s fantastic for our sport to have so many people focussed on its growth and we at Gridiron Hub look forward to see what is to come next from both Tyler and Kersey.

More about UKAFL

UKAFL stands for United Kingdom American Football Live and was re-modeled as a live-streaming service for British American football last season.

Most of the games they showed included either the Leicester Falcons or the Northumberland Vikings. These are the 2 domestic UK teams that Mick Tyler and Guy Kersey have been involved with. Guy is owner of the Falcons, Mick stepped away from his role at the Vikings to focus on UKAFL.

In its first incantation UKAFL had stood for United Kingdom American Football League where Kersey and Tyler put in a huge effort to try and create a breakaway semi-pro league in the UK featuring 6 of its existing teams.

This ultimately didn’t work, even after they tried engaging with the sports National Governing Body in the same way the EPL did with the FA all those years ago.

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