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Every NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020!

With three months until the start of the 2020 season, there are some glaring holes in every NFC teams roster so we thought we’d list the biggest need for each!

Fan of an AFC team? We’ve also listed every AFC teams biggest holes right here!

NFC North

The Packers did Rodgers dirty in the draft and didn’t get him what he needed. They are still in desperate need of a second wide receiver. Adams is one of the best in the league but they lack a capable No. 2 option that can take some of the heat off of him.

The Lions are in a strange phase. They seem to have a lot of talent in some areas and extremely deficient at other positions. On the interior of the offensive line, the Lions lost standout guard Graham Glasgow and failed to add anyone else. They have a lot of young guys that they’d better hope can live up to their potential and improve.

The Vikings lost their three starting cornerbacks from 2019 which is a major issue. They added a young corner in the draft that can hopefully step in and perform admirably (not like he can worse than Rhodes in 2019.) Other than that they have a number of journeymen who will be depended on to keep the Vikings defence going.

The Bears lost two starters in the secondary this offseason and they haven’t been replaced. The team has some talent to replace them but these are players that haven’t played many snaps so they can’t sure they are capable. They still have Eddie Jackson to control the secondary too.

NFC East

The Giants have quite a few holes to fill with a major weakness at edge rusher. For some reason, they haven’t resigned Markus Golden and they the other players on the roster won’t command much attention from an offensive line. Other than that they really don’t have a secondary of note.

The Eagles addressed most of their needs during free agency and the draft but they still have major questions at linebacker. Their stellar defensive line allows the linebackers to get away with much more. However, they still only have career backups at the position without much experience.

Quinton Dunbar had a great standout season before he was traded to the Seahawks and this leaves Washington without a starting calibre cornerback. Fuller is back but he’s only played a max of about 250 snaps in a season. You could also argue that there are also many holes on offense with only Terry McLaurin as a major bright spot.

A talented Cowboys team underperformed in the 2019 season. Mike McCarthy will be expected to get this team to the playoffs but he might want to think about finding a capable edge defender. They have Demarcus Lawrence but other than him the cupboard is pretty bare. They were rumoured to be taking Chaisson which would have done them well but decided on Lamb instead.

NFC West

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

Since 2012, Russell Wilson has been under pressure more than any QB in the NFL. Duane Brown is the only consistently good player on the line and they lost some players in the offseason without sufficient replacements. They could be slightly better, they could be even worse, but one thing is for certain, Wilson will have to keep bailing himself out of collapsing pockets once again in 2020.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

The 49ers, like many teams, have a glaring hole at cornerback. Obviously Richard Sherman is still playing at an elite level but he’s getting older and his play could drop off a cliff at any point. At the other corner spots, they have some average players but they should definitely bring in some more competition. Outside of this, their roster is ready to make a run at another Super Bowl.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

I don’t care how they want to go about it but they need to improve their coverage unit. It’s not like they have bad players with Peterson, Baker and now Simmons joining the fold. However, in 2019, they were the 31st ranked pass coverage unit and were routinely dominated, even by below-average tight ends.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

Whitworth is approaching 40 years of age and the rest of the line isn’t exactly promising. This line was what pushed the Rams to the Super Bowl just two years ago. They lost a few key players and their overall play deteriorated to the point the offense was a dud at some points in 2019.

NFC South

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

The offense looks decent but the entire Panthers defence is what I would class as their biggest hole. It needs an entire remake. The front seven has some intriguing young talent but the secondary has nothing, completely bare. Teddy is going to need to score a lot of points if he wants to win some games in the 2020 season.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

Trufant was let go after a long tenure with the team and they drafted AJ Terrell in the first round to start. He might be able to play capably but the other spots are up in the air with no notable names. Dan Quinn is likely in his last shot to get the team right again and the defence was elite for three games last season. For his sake, he’d better hope he can rely on these younger corners to step up.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

The Bucs went out and got some great protection for Brady so that leaves one glaring hole. At safety, the Buccaneers are very thin but hopefully, Antoine Winfield can contribute heavily in his rookie year. Outside of that, they have players who have flashed some talent but aren’t consistently good at protecting the back end for the younger cornerbacks.

NFC Teams Biggest Need 2020

The Saints have the best roster in the entire league and they don’t have any real needs. They did need a good partner for Demario Davis as an off-ball linebacker and they fixed that by selecting Zach Baun in the draft. If he can step up then the Saints will be good at almost every spot barring injury.

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