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Etone Jaguars Senior Withdraw From Associate Process Amid a Series of Serious Allegations

The Etone Jaguars Senior team have withdraw from the Associate process and folded. This comes as their Manager Lawrence ‘Maverick’ Grugeon has a series of serious allegations at criticisms aimed at him.

Etone Jaguars were formed by Grugeon after the Coventry Jets folded, seemingly using many of the same players and coaches.

Confirmation of Etone’s withdrawal did not come from the club themselves but instead from fellow associate team Scunthorpe Alphas, who on their Facebook page made a post announcing a replacement game after they were due to play Etone.

Pic: fb/AlphasFootballUK

News that there was trouble at Etone first broke this morning on satirical Facebook page Daily Britball. They have stayed on the story posting numerous updates.

The first post outlined a disgust at players being asked to pay and increased 25% in subs to finish out their qualification games as part of the Associate process. The post mentioned that this was rejected by their players and that Grugeon was paid a quarter of the subs as a ‘salary’.

Pic: fb/dailybritball

Around this time Gridiron Hub’s own Meme page – Gridiron Memes got sent a couple of related posts, both of them offering potential insight into the sitatuation.

The first one (below) offers up a timeline of allegations at Grugeon focussed on finances.

The second focuses on some more personal attributes of Grugeon’s character as he has managed the Jets/Jaguars team members.

Back to Daily Britball and they had been sent some messages which they shared.

The first alleging that Grugeon had sent an email on Sept 10th withdrawing from the Associate process.

Pic: fb/dailybritball

The second perhaps casting some light on the reason behind the request for money from the players. It would seem as though BAFA were not content with Etone’s previous attempts to host games as part of their Associate process and had requested that 2 more games be played.

Pic: fb/dailybritball

One positive to be taken from this is that BAFA are enforcing their rules around qualification for league entry. Stricter rules protect the integrity of the league and reduce annoying forfeits.

Then came a series of further allegations that Daily Britball posted, these focussing on a number of issues around Safeguarding that had apparently been raised to BAFA.

There’s some very serious matters included in the above article and it should be noted that at this point they are only allegations and that no actual evidence has been presented at this time.

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