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Brian Smallworth Faces Sharks Mutiny Over Club Finances

Another club is under fire in Britball today as a source has sent us news of collective player action at Cornish Sharks with them demanding to know more about ‘suspicous’ actitivies at the club that are mostly focussed on finances.

Accompanying a few messages from our source was the below image of a letter signed by an unknown number of Cornish Sharks players where they request an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on October 13th.

The letter pays mention to a number of ‘issues’ that they listed overleaf, despite our sources efforts we have yet to see this list.

However they do mention ‘speculation of club funding mis-use’ and that the Treasurer position should be re-elected as no one has met the current Treasurer.

A bit of background is required to understand the next bits of the letter. This, again, came from our source.

Three years ago the club told the players that they no longer needed to hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as they had been made a Community Interest Company (CIC). Essentially meaning they are a proper company and not a member-owned entity with a Committee and the usual voting/election protocols.

In addition to running and coaching the Cornish Sharks. Brian Smallworth is a serving member of the BAFCA Board as a Director without Portfolio.
Imagery courtesy of

Apparently, the formation of the CIC was in reaction to a vote of no confidence in the board three years ago. Our source says that players were duped into putting the no confidence action on hold as they were told a CIC would resolve their issues when in fact it gave Brian and his wife Sharon full control of the club with no one to answer to (officially speaking).

According to the Cornish Sharks Academy CIC info on Companies House, they were only incorperated on August 19th this year. Less than a month ago!

So the club has apparently been running for 3 years without any accountability by way of AGMs of finance declarations.

The players’ letter goes on to point out that the league (meaning BAFA) do not acknowledge the CIC and that their original constitutional rights as paying members are still in place. Hence the reason for calling the EGM.

Our source goes on to explain that there is no transparency in what the subs go on and that the Sharks ‘have been kicked out of three separate grounds because of owing them money and still saying to the players they are paying it.’

We reached out to Brian Smallworth for comment, we explained our intentions to post this article and included the following 3 questions:

-Do you have anything to say about the letter and allegations of the mis-sue of the club’s funds?
-Will the EGM be taking place as stated in the letter?
-Is there anything else you’d like to go on record and say?

At the time of publishing, we are yet to have any response from Brian Smallworth.

EDIT: 16:55 13/19/19

Brian Smallworth has responded to us with the following:

this is the first we’ve seen of this. No letter has been received yet by us or the Chair. So not in a position to comment. We don’t know what it is supposed to say on the back either so don’t know what we are being accused of.

– Brian Smallworth via email – 13/9/19

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