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Brian & Sharon Smallworth Leave Cornish Sharks

Brian Smallworth and his wife Sharon Smallworth have left the Cornish Sharks.

This follows our recent article about there being a mutiny from the players over club finances.

An EGM was due to held on Oct 13th, however before that could happen both Brian and Sharon decided to step down from their roles as Head Coach and GM (Brian) and Secretary, Media, Marketing & Child Welfare (Sharon).

Brian Smallworth was a founding member of the club back in 2005 and had been Head Coach there since the start. (according to He was inducted into the Sharks Hall of Fame in 2007.

Smallworth released the following statement on Sunday Sept 22nd to a Facebook Group for Sharks players…

As you can see, we don’t have the full statement as the 2 screenshots donot marry up or overlap. However Brian makes it clear that he and his wife Sharon are stepping away and that they are sad to be doing so.

This raises the question over them leaving over such accusations if they have nothing to hide. Its very suspicious behaviour in my opinion, Brian is not doing much to address the specifics of the financial mis-management accusations leveled at him and Sharon.

Personally, if I had such an affiliation with a club, I’d fight to clear my name. So maybe this isn’t the last we will hear from the Smallworths on the matter.

We reached out to Brian Smallworth for comment on Sunday and have yet to receieve a reply.

We also have asked for an official statement from the source at the club who told us Brian and Sharon had left on Sunday but are yet to receive anything.

People are treading very carefully around the situation which is understandable given the potential legal ramifications of what has been accused.

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