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Best Super Bowl Odds For You To Bet On

We’ve looked at all the odds for the Super Bowl 55 winner and ranked them in terms of whether or not we like your chances or not!

Note: These odds are correct as of 21/06/2020 on SkyBet

Shove a tenner on these odds for the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs 6/1

Baltimore Ravens 13/2

San Francisco 49ers 8/1

New Orleans Saints 11/1

Philadelphia Eagles 16/1

Seattle Seahawks 20/1

I’d put a quid down

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/1

New England Patriots 16/1

Indianapolis Colts 20/1

Minnesota Vikings 22/1

Buffalo Bills 25/1

Houston Texans 28/1

Cleveland Browns 33/1

It might tempt me if I was drunk

Dallas Cowboys 16/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 18/1

Las Vegas Raiders 50/1

Tennessee Titans 25/1

Los Angeles Chargers 25/1

Atlanta Falcons 25/1

Green Bay Packers 16/1

I’d rather die than bet these odds for the Super Bowl

Best Super Bowl Odds

Chicago Bears 25/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Los Angeles Rams 25/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Denver Broncos 40/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Arizona Cardinals 28/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Detroit Lions 50/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Carolina Panthers 66/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Miami Dolphins 66/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Jacksonville Jaguars 80/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

New York Giants 80/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

New York Jets 80/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Redskins 150/1

Best Super Bowl Odds

Cincinnati Bengals 150/1

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