BAFA Press Release after GB U19 DC leaves

OUT: Victor Peredo

More news surround the Coaching Staff of the Great Britain Under 19 American Football Team as BAFA issue a press release to address rumours on social media regarding the departure of Defensive Co-ordinator Victor Peredo..

Victor decided that, for personal reasons, he was not able to travel to France and was going to resign from the programme.  We are very grateful and appreciative to Victor for his time and contributions to the programme and would wish him all the best for the future.

To ensure continuity, and to ensure that the team are in the best position possible for the upcoming game against France, we are pleased to confirm that Scott Rowe has agreed to step up into the DC role for the game on Saturday

BAFA Press Release 21/02/2019

This comes after Gridiron Pulse broke the news last night that Head Coach Jason Henry had been relived of his duties by the NGB. The timing of these coaching changes, both voluntary and forced, is entirely unfortunate considering that the GB U19s (currently ranked #7 in Europe) head into a friendly against rivals France (currently ranked #4 in Europe) in 2 days.

IN – Scott Rowe (far right) Pic: Facebook

Gridiron Pulse have been sent information alleging that complaints from both parents and players of the U19 squad have lead to the coaching changes. Rumours of practices being an “unorganised shambles”, the team having “No OLine”, and the players having to “pay over £1,000 to play” paint a very bleak picture of the current staus of one of our sports national teams.

Our sources also revealed that the players are “due to meet 4am Saturday in Kent to play a 4pm game in France. Kids are travelling from all over the country Friday night getting no sleep at all.” which point to some very poor logicistical arrangements.

EDIT: Since publishing this article we have also been told that “BAFA had concerns prior to this week and Riq Ayub (former GB Lions Head Coach) and Mike Callan (Current GB Lions Senior Head Coach) are attending the France trip as additional BAFA support to the team and staff – this was arranged with the knowledge of the staff some weeks ago.”

If this is indeed the case, then it can be ascertained that the departure of Head Coach Jason Henry was on the cards for ‘some weeks’.

EDIT 2: Info keeps flying in but this is likely to be the final edit. We are told that the team are in a Hotel Friday night and its compulsory to arrive by 6:00pm for an early nights sleep. This obviously contrary to the shambloic plans mentioned at the end of the article.

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