BAFA Announces Temporary Appointments

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BAFA Announced on Thursday that there had been 3 resignations from the BAFA Board. They have appointed a few temporary replacements whilst the positions are advertised. We had a brief statement from Steve Rains and Nichole McCulloch the BAFA Chair:

Operations Director Steve Rains said: “It’s unfortunate that our people have found these roles simply too much to cope with in the time allowed. We have therefore decided to divide them up and fill most of them on a temporary basis while we review the structure. With such a busy time ahead making these appointments to keep things on track is the only sensible option – we are delighted to have persuaded such a talented group to take on the work and hope that they will remain involved in some way when we re-structure.”

Nichole McCulloch BAFA Chair added: “We are 100% committed to our open resourcing policy but urgent action was needed to ensure our programmes remain running, which is why interim appointments were required. The board appreciates and is forever thankful for the time our volunteers give to our sport and we want to ensure that everyone in a role with BAFA is successful and can deliver in their role.

Having now settled in for six months, we have seen a need to look at the way we are structured to ensure the success of our sport and happiness of our volunteers and will be shortly announcing some structural changes which will allow our sport to continue to move forward.”

The appointments are as follows:

Events Manager – Guy Kersey

Andrew Free, Events Manager has been replaced by Guy Kersey in the Interim.

Kirsty Cavanagh has stepped down as Commission Lead for the National Program. The role has been split down to provide individual coverage for each of the National Programs. Clive Dobbins and Riq Ayub will provide the lead for the U19’s. Riq will take the lead for the Men’s contact team.

Appointed – Riq Ayub

Alan Young will take the lead for the National Flag teams, both men’s and women’s.

Out – Russ Hewitt

Russ Hewitt has also tendered his resignation, stating the role was too large for just one individual. The role will now be broken down into:
– BUCS University Football
– Age Groups Contact
– Flag Football

Alan Young will take the lead role on Age Groups Flag Football on a temporary basis.

BAFA did make a comment on Guy Kersey’s appointment: Guy brings a wealth of experience as a professional Events Management specialist including his recent work for BAFA on the 2018 National League Division 2 Bowl games.With major events due to take place throughout the year it was clearly essential to get a replacement for Andrew Free who could hit the ground running. Any conflict of interest with Guy’s personal businesses will be avoided through the separation of the decision making in respect of financial commitments from the Events Manager role.

The assumption being that a pre-emptive statement would prevent any comments by the BAFA community surrounding the appointment.

Confidence in BAFA has recently appeared to take a down turn, following the recent resignations within the U19 Lions Squad. The resignations themselves generated a large amount of commentary from the community and speculation surrounding the circumstances of the resignations. BAFA will likely be looking to produce some solid hires to reinstall confidence whilst showing that the organisation is stable. BAFA has displayed it has the potential this season to provide a strong governance, but may struggle if it faces a constant turn around in key positions.

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