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Xenith Epic


This raffle is for a Xenith Epic helmet with a facecage, any colour, any size delivered anywhere in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, or Czech Republic.

The Epic is available in 3 sizes (M, L, XL) and 9 colours (Black, Matte Black, White, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver).

You will have the choice of 8 available facecages in 7 colours (see description for full details).

All profits will go to The Amelie Fund to benefit American Football in the UK as well as selected charitable causes.


Tickets/Odds Accelerator Illustration

This raffle has 500 tickets available at £3 per ticket.

1 ticket – £3 spend = 500/1 odds

2 tickets – £6 spend = 250/1 odds

4 tickets – £12 spend = 125/1 odds


The winner will be drawn shortly after all tickets have sold. There is an estimated 10 working day delivery time on the helmet.

Ticket purchasers must be 16 years or older.

No tickets remaining for this draw


Xenith Epic Helmet

The Xenith EPIC Football Helmet provides optimal protection for the elite level football player looking for better fit, better protection and better comfort! The EPIC Helmet features stepped shock absorbers providing superior linear shock absorption.

Upgrades to the EPIC in comparison to other Xenith helmets include the fit locker added to the custom fit system. The Xenith fit lock is designed to conform to the occipital bone in the rear of the head for better fit and retention.

The Xenith Epic Helmet, the EPIC shock system utilizes Multi-Staged Compression to attenuate impact energy. Stages 1, 2, & 3 offer increasing levels of resistance to adapt to low, medium, and high impacts. The interior ridge adds 2 additional walls to the original shock absorber design, creating a more reinforced structure to enhance its ability to minimize sudden head movement.

– ENGAGE: Tighten the chinstraps for an instant custom fit with no pumps needed. The low strap wraps around the head through the Conforms to the occipital bone for the ultimate in fit and retention. Engineered from high quality injected foam for superior comfort and durability.

– PROTECT: The EPIC shock absorber and compression liner are a system of technologies designed to protect against both linear and rotational forces. The EPIC shock absorber releases air upon impact with Multi-Staged Compression to help address a wide range of linear impacts. The compression liner acts as a suspension system, keeping the head secure and allowing the shell to move independently to reduce dangerous rotational forces.

– IGNITE: TPU comfort pads are comfortable, durable, and hygienic. XRD® Extreme Impact Protection foam inside provides enhanced protection and performance.

– COOL: Aggressive vent pattern showcases a modern sleek style while optimizing ventilation.


Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™

A total of 23 adult football helmet models that have been evaluated using the STAR evaluation system are included in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™. All 23 helmets included in the ratings have been made available to consumers at the time of publication. Helmets with more stars provide a reduction in concussion risk compared to helmets with less stars. Group rankings are differentiated by pre-determined thresholds.

Note: Any player in any sport can sustain a head injury with even the very best head protection. This analysis is based on data trends and probabilities, and therefore a specific person’s risk may vary. This variation is likely dominated by genetic differences, health history, and impact factors such as muscle activation.



Available Facecages

You will have the choice of 8 available facecages:


Available colours: Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, and Orange

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