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NFL Week 15 – Picks Results

It’s taken 2 long years of struggle, but I’ve finally returned back to the promised land of the Fantasy Championship game. After a Semi-Finals exit last season to the eventual champion, I scraped through as the 4 seed into the wildcard and have returned to attempt to take his crown from him. Thanks for sticking with me through this guys. Huh? What’s that? you thought I was going to write about this week’s games? Hell no, we as a community finished under 50% correct only getting 8 games out of 16 correct. I don’t want to talk about that, but I will. Because it needs to be done.

Another week, another 100% favourite upset. This time, it was Big Dick Nick (love the Nickname) taking it to the Rams. Somethings going wrong with Goff, is he getting midnight phone calls from Jeff Fisher? Because his accuracy is all over the place right now. This Rams offence should have shredded what Philly is trying to call a secondary at the moment but it wasn’t to be. Power to the Eagles though, they kept their mathematical chances for a playoff berth alive with that win. Well done.

Community Score 0/1

Luckily for us, DeAndre Hopkins was there to pull victory from the jaws of defeat and save us from the embarrassment of 2 100% games going wrong. He was on fire, the Jets had no answer for him or JJ Watt. Even with the pressure, I thought Darnold looked great. That’s 2 back to back games where he has done so, he’s healing and showing why he was such a high first-round pick this year. What the hell happened to the Texans run game though? Miller was M.I.A and Blue added nothing at all, Coach O’Brien has added that Foreman might see some reps soon though, so that will be interesting.

Community Score 1/2

Congrats to San Fran, it was a well-earned victory, but Seattle was the better team for the majority of the game so they have to be feeling a bit lucky. One blown kick coverage essentially deciding the game and pushing it to overtime. But take nothing away, you can see the forming of a strong squad with this Niners team, and when they’re full health I would expect them to be knocking on the door for playoffs next year. For Seattle, this is not a set back they wanted, they’re still the front-runners for a wild card spot but they have to play the Chiefs this coming week before winding down with Arizona. But, now the Vikings are only half a game behind with the Lions and Bears to play, and the Eagles and Redskins are also only 1 game back with a matchup against each other in week 17 and the Texans and Titans respectively in week 16.

Community Score 1/3

Jesus this game was ugly, I mean I’m disappointed in New Orleans, we knew Carolina was a mess on both sides of the ball, but what’s the Saints excuse? CMC looks like the best QB in Carolina right now because Cam can’t even throw the ball 10 yards. It looks like the shoulder he had surgically repaired is shot again, I wouldn’t be surprised now that they’re all but out of playoff contention, they put Cam on IR. Once again Brees was a non-factor and if not for the run game that could have been an L. Brees is out of the MVP discussion now, but he stills needs to make sure they get that 1 seed and a first-round bye.

Community Score 2/4

Speaking of QB’s possibly headed to IR, do we see Rodgers go there now that GB can’t make the playoffs either? He got shaken up again in this game and I can easily see Joe Philbin knowing his days are numbered just doing the right thing. Even if they win both these games, Philbin’s not keeping the job past this year, Aaron Jones went to IR today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers soon follows. For the Bears this is great, it’s their first Division title since 2010, they’ve locked playoffs, and they’re only a game behind the Rams for 2nd in the NFC whilst also holding the Head to Head over them, this defence dominated Rodgers like they did Goff, and Mack now has more sacks on the Season than the entire Raiders roster, go figure.

Community Score 3/5

Before you ask, where the hell did this performance come from? know that it probably from the fact that as of this moment, the Cardinals have a -175 point differential on the season with 2 games to go. The 0-16 Browns from 2016 finished with a -176 point differential, let that sink in. Look it’s bad in Arizona this season, but it’s not going to be this bad forever, 4 of their 5 O-line that started the season are on IR, this means no time to throw, and no room to run. I would say I expect more from the Defence, but they’re gassed. The Cards can’t win Time of possession battles leaving them exposed. For Atlanta this was needed, they got dumpstered by Green Bay so to come out and thrash the team that beat the Packers is a good confidence boost. Deion Jones is so important, you see that from the way he plays. The season is almost done Falcons fans, so take what you can get, even if it is Arizona.

Community Score 4/6

I saw an article today that said the Broncos should chase Jameis in the Off-season, Why? Why replace one inconsistent QB with another? Don’t get me wrong, Winston is better than Keenum, he is. But he’s not that much better, and he’s never had a season as efficient as Keenum did last year. Baltimore is a hard matchup, they’re not the Vikings or the Bears, but they’re still difficult and better QB’s than Winston have struggled against them. This win keeps the playoff dream alive for Baltimore in the race with Indy and Tennessee and speaking earlier of hard matchups. Jackson has one of those coming up, his schedule has been a cakewalk of defences so far since he got the gig, but the Chargers are a whole different beast, this is his moment to silence the doubters, but can he do it? I dunno

Community Score 5/7

This is where it all goes downhill. As we only got 3 of the last 9 games correct. Congrats to Josh Johnson, scoring his first TD in 7 years and getting his first ever NFL win, I don’t want to take away from that. But, this goes to show just how much of a burning pile of trash the Jaguars are right now. News has come out today that Fournette is dealing with a foot injury which is contrary to what he told reporters yesterday, I mean, that just sums it up. For Washington, enjoy the 7-7 I don’t think you’re winning your last two.

Community Score 5/8

I worked out today that I think I’m madder at the Pats for losing because it means that Cleveland only has one possible playoff scenario than I am for the fact it sets the Ravens back too, how crazy is that? Redemption kind of for Chris Boswell, but this game was some good old fashioned bad refereeing and that was for both teams. An absolute bullcrap PI call that led to the McDonald TD, missed holds left, right and centre, this was just an ugly game all around. It’s always a good day for me when the Pats lose, but not if it gives the Steelers a win and especially not if I picked them to win.

Community Score 5/9

So, we mentioned that with the firing of their OC, the Vikings would probably look to have a heavy dose of Dalvin Cook, that was definitely what we saw there and man did he look good. That second TD was so slick, great spin move, he’s talented as hell, just has to stay healthy. The bubble from the New England win was well and truly burst, Miami couldn’t move the ball at all against the suffocating Vikings defence unless it was to give it to Kalen Ballage. Man the rookie looked sharp, it’s evident that Gase doesn’t trust Drake, so with Gore not expected to play again this season we could see a lot of what the young man has to offer.

Community Score 6/10

That’s one win a piece now, and the same overall record. Unfortunately for Chargers fans, the Chiefs still hold the tie-breaker should they finish even, which probably means a trip to Foxborough or NRG Stadium. This was immense, being able to get the win without Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen speaks volumes about this team. At the same time, they’re pretty lucky. the PI call on Williams in the end zone was bogus, and it was a blown coverage on the 2pt conversion. Still, don’t take it away from the Chargers, they gutted it out and took the W in Arrowhead. For Chiefs fans, this is starting to worry them, they’re notorious chokers, as is Andy Reid. So that has to be at the back of all their minds now, the main thing is to ignore it and focus on securing that first round bye, I mean you can’t choke in the Wildcard if you’re not in it right?

Community Score 6/11

I tried defending Stafford earlier in the year, I can’t anymore. This is the worst I’ve seen him play since his Rookie year, now I get their entire offence is in pieces, but the decisions he’s making are just plain awful. Golladay continued his breakout season and keeps living up to the awful nickname of “Baby ‘Tron” after the moniker given to Calvin Johnson. Kerryon is looking like he could start practising soon, and while the reps would be good, don’t risk it. For Buffalo, another feel-good win, and this one on the back of Allen doing very little with his legs. Unfortunately, they went through 7,832 running backs in the process of getting said win. Kudos to them, but not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

Community Score 6/12

If you said you saw this coming you are a liar. I don’t mean the Colts victory itself, because I picked that as did 43%. No I mean Indy shutting Dallas out for the first time since 2003. No one thought this defence would do that to Zeke and Cooper after they’d lit up better defensive opponents, but hey, way to go. By being so stifling, it meant that Indy could run the ball themselves a lot and run they did, Mack looked like a man scared of losing his job to Le’Veon Bell in the offseason and played out of his oft banged up skin. Indy is well and truly still in the playoff hunt and I would say they’re a better team than both the Titans and Ravens should their defence keep this level up. Dallas had a massive hiccup and found out what happens to Dak when he has Cooper and Zeke nullified. He’s after a contract extension, which means he needs to play like he deserves one in these final two games and probably secured Wildcard berth.

Community Score 6/13

One more NFC East team got shout out this week, but it was only the first time for them since, well last season to be honest. Eli was exposed badly by a middle of the pack Titans Defence and the inability of Shepherd to step up and fill the void in OBJ’s absence was telling. The resurgence of Engram was a welcome sight, however, was it at the expense of Barkley? If Eli, or whoever is under centre next year can find a way to keep Barkley, OBJ and Engram involved, this offence will be dangerous. For Tennessee, this was a must win, they’re not winning the Div and are in a 3-way tie for 2 playoff spots. So an emphatic win is great to see, maybe the recipe is just to give Henry 25+ carries a game. I mean, there was a reason they gave him the Heisman over McCaffrey (I don’t know what it is, but there must be one) and I would assume it has to do with being a juggernaut.

Community Score 6/14

Just when I think the Raiders aren’t tanking, they fool me again. Their offensive line made Cincy’s defence look competent and reminded Geno Atkins he’s a 2x former All-Pro defensive tackle. One thing I did forget to account for when talking trash about the Bengals on last week, is the fact that Joe Mixon is unbelievably good. He’s currently 5th for rushing yards on the season, and he’s missed two games and has no passing game to rely on anymore either. Carr reminds me a lot of Winston, you know he’s supposed to be good, and he shows it some of the time. But then, when he really should continue being good, he’s woefully bad. I’m not wasting any more time on these two teams.

Community Score 7/15

Does Denver wait till the end of the season to let Vance Joseph go? I think so. Week 14 is a little late to be firing a head coach I feel, even if you were just eliminated from playoff contention by the Browns… Whatever happened to the Courtland Sutton coming out party? Did it get cancelled because he trusted Keenum to deliver the invitations and they got intercepted? Credit to the Browns though, they got it done so let’s look at their only road to the playoffs. They have to win out, the Ravens also have to lose out, Miami has to lose at least 1 of their last 2, Tennessee and Indy both have to lose in Week 16 and then TIE their game against each other in week 17. If any of this doesn’t happen, the Browns miss out. Unreal scenes if it happened though.

Community Score 8/16

As you can see, it was a convoluted week that barely any of us got right. Which is fine, because if we’re all struggling, that means you’re all still in with a chance for that £100 Amazon voucher which we’re in the second week of the 3-week comp for. Week 16 is open for picking so head over to get yours in to stay in the running. I’ll be back tomorrow night to take a look at how the League Table still looks with only 2 weeks of the Regular season left.

Ciao for now,


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