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NFL Week 15 – Picks Preview

Cool, so I quit. I mean, what the hell was that week? Dolphins, Browns, Raiders, 49ers, Colts, Bears almost the Ravens and Eagles like what on earth. I know it’s not Tuesday so today isn’t the day for looking back, but what the hell is the point in pretending to be a picks guru if everyone is just going to win willy-nilly. Ahhh screw it, guess it’s time to try and picks some winners that won’t come in for week 15. Seriously, crap like this is why I never bet. The only thing you have going for you at the start week 15, is that you’ve got two games this coming Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Chargers vs Chiefs

You know how I asked how this week wasn’t going to screw me? Well, the answer both is, and isn’t with this matchup. We’ll start with how it isn’t, this is the best damn TNF matchup of the season and probably of recent memory. Now my issue with it is, I have no freaking idea who’s going to win. None, not one inkling in the slightest, the Chiefs won the earlier encounter between the two but the Chargers have much improved since then, the big thing for me is the notable injuries on both sides. The Chiefs only just scraped a win at home against Baltimore and both Tyreek and Spencer Ware are banged up. You know what that means right? It might be time to bring out old faithful…

Oz’s Pick: Chargers if Gordon plays, Chiefs if he doesn’t (can I do that?)

Browns vs Broncos

You’ve got me convinced, and it will leave me with egg on my face I’m assuming. I’m buying into the hype. Yes, Carolina is a dumpster fire, but so is Denver, McCaffrey and Lindsay aren’t so dissimilar and Carolina can kinda throw the ball to boot. So what does this mean? It means I’m picking the Browns over Denver, yep I’m doing it. Looks like Kitchens has found balance, previously the formula was, ignore Landry. Whereas now, they’ve figured out how to include him and not starve the rest of the Offence. Courtland Sutton cannot be your #1 receiving option with Keenum at QB. Sorry Denver, It just won’t work.

Oz’s Pick: Browns (so help me god)

Texans vs Jets

This looks like a slam dunk, which means based on the outcomes of the week just been, means the Jets have got this in the bag. Houston did struggle offensively against a weakened Colts Defence, and it looks like they’ve lost their identity. It used to be, “feed Hopkins” and it worked. Now I know he got 10 targets this last game, but at least those were garbage and uncatchable. He’s arguably the best WR in the game at the moment, give him 50% of the target share and run it the rest of the time. New York, you’re painful to watch and are pure trash yes you got the win over Buffalo but it doesn’t matter because they suck too. Because of this, like I said you’ll probably win, but I’ll be damned if I pick you.

Oz’s Pick: Texans

Cardinals vs Falcons

Who knew getting blown out could be such a godsend, and yeah I’m talking about Arizona. They’re right back in that #1 draft pick race now as both the Raiders and 9ers stumbled and picked up victories on the weekend. Mind you, I think they have a realistic chance of beating the Falcons, that’s how bad Atlanta is at this point. Don’t let their last scoreline fool you, that was 2 garbage time TD’s that game was well and truly outta hand. Actually, I take that back the Cards don’t have a chance at all to win this, they looked putrid against Detroit. This is a feel-good game for Atlanta in a lost season, here’s hoping they don’t screw it up.

Oz’s Pick: Falcons

Cowboys vs Colts

Both teams struggled out close wins against a division opponent on the back of a dominant performance from their main Wideout. Both Cooper and Hilton were unstoppable in their last game, but I find Hilton’s more impressive despite Cooper having the better numbers. Why? Because Hilton wasn’t playing against dudes off the Practice Squad. Zeke is the main thing to watch in this game and by extension Zack Martin’s possible absence. Martin is the best guard in the league and is huge to Zeke getting going, if Zeke does get going, then that opens the field up for Cooper. For Indy, DROY frontrunner Darius Leonard will be leading the charge against the run offence, and if the O-Line can keep Luck upright against this potent Cowboys pass rush.

Oz’s Pick: Colts (I still don’t believe in Dallas)

Lions vs Bills

With great matchups, come awful matchups. When you have teams like LAC and KC play each other, or the Pats and Steelers or the Packers and Bears, you’re going to get matchups like this. The ones no one cares about. At this point in his career, Allen is a throwing running back, but he’s so raw there’s still hope. Stafford is on the slow decline down, but there’s still a few more years before he’s Eli or Fitz or McCown or last years Carson Palmer. The veteran who can sparkle but is ultimately a placeholder ’til you find your future. the Lions strangled the Cards last week, can they strangle the Bills? I don’t know. Do I care? Not really, no.

Oz’s Pick: Lions

Packers vs Bears

It’s a perfect do over of Week 1 people, except without Mike McCarthy, and Ty Montgomery, and Aaron Jones will get the ball, and Jordan Howard won’t, and Jimmy Graham’s hand doesn’t work, and… Ok well, it’s not even close to a do-over but that’s not the point. The Packers looked competent in their last game, but there always seems to be a resurgence after a coach is fired, plus more-so they were playing Atlanta. Chicago however, well that beat the Rams, not only beat, completely stifled them and held dominance. Yes, the Rams have looked shaky since losing Kupp, but that’s still an amazing feat, which is why I think they can do the same to Rodgers and the Packers.

Oz’s Pick: Bears.

Dolphins vs Vikings

Have I said how much I hate having to pick teams that haven’t played this week yet, couple that with the fact the Miami literally just beat the last team to beat the Vikings, might point to a Miami victory? Nope, not for me. For some reason, Brady forgets his mojo when he goes on the road to face the Dolphins, except he played fairly well in this game, Miami just had a s**tload of luck and a Tight End playing safety. I think Cook, Diggs, and Theilen are too good and close it out.

Oz’s Pick: Vikings

Raiders vs Bengals

And here I was complaining about the Lions vs the Bills. Now I would love to say that this game could be called Tank warfare, one intentional and the other inadvertent. But the reality is, I don’t know if the Raiders are actually tanking, I do know the Bengals are atrocious though, so there’s that. But seriously, I think I’m going to do it, I think I’m going to predict a Raiders victory, mainly because like I said, Cincinnati is appalling and the Raiders are trying to play football. Why? I don’t know, but they are.

Oz’s Pick: Raiders.

Buccaneers vs Ravens

I will tell you now, you couldn’t pull dental floss outta my ass cheeks last night I was so tense and even though they lost, it was a greater performance than I expected so I’m happy as Ravens’ fanboy. Baltimore is currently in an Oreo of games, two hard outliers in KC and LAC, and then the gooey centre that is Tampa Bay, now before everyone tried to tell me Tampa has turned the corner on defence I don’t believe it. I think they’re just as bad as bad or worse than Kansas City. Which means they’ll score points, They’re also a better defence than New Orleans which means the Bucs could struggle to score points.

Oz’s Pick: Ravens.

Titans vs Giants

I feel like I could end out on an island on this one, but the Giants are here to attempt to screw up your playoff hopes because they know they’ve got next to none. Which I absolutely love, because as long as they keep winning, Eli keeps his job, and as long as he keeps his job, Barkley and Beckham are fantasy studs. Plus, The Titans are in that AFC Wildcard race after beating the Jags and moving to 7-6, and I have a wee favourite of the 7-6 AFC teams. We could get a great game from this though, New York has a worse run defence than Jacksonville does. Derrick Henry anyone?

Oz’s Pick: Giants (really, I actually think they win.)

Redskins vs Jaguars

What happens when you take a raging dumpster fire and put it against pure hot garbage? Which one wins? I don’t know, but I know who loses. Us, the regular football fans. Mark Sanchez has probably been benched for the umpteenth time in his career, guess he can go hang out with Bortles and swap horror stories. Fournette has the same issue as Peterson while being 10 years younger, they’re both extremely talented, but they’re O-Line is on to 3rd and 4th stringers in parts and because neither team has a passing game the D just stacks the box with 9, fun.

Oz’s Pick: All the other 6 pm games, choose to watch them instead. (Jags)

Seahawks vs 49ers

Now, because I haven’t seen the Seahawks play this week, and they could lose by a lot and also that the 9ers just beat the Broncos, one could say that this could be a tightly contested game. Except we saw these two teams play last week and I don’t think they’re that different 2 weeks apart. I think we could see another blowout too, I don’t think we’ll see the uber-efficiency from R Wils, but he’ll be good. Because San Fran isn’t. Plus, the 9ers can’t really afford to win too many more games, they haven’t got a whole new city they need to drum up interest and a fan base in (Vegas) they just need to get healthy and build in the draft. So yeah, stop winning, continue experimenting and blooding new players, but leave your #1 pick chances alone.

Oz’s Pick: Seahawks

Patriots vs Steelers

If I’m apart of either organization I’m not sure who’s reeling more, I want to say Pittsburgh. But Big Ben can’t win in Oakland, truly, he’s 0-4 there. Brady just doesn’t do it often in Miami, but he’s done it before, the issue is these losses hurt both teams, they lucked out with Houston taking an L too, as it means that they don’t leapfrog them for the 2 seed but the playoffs are almost certainly going through KC or LAC (depending on who wins on Thursday). The big thing for this game is, does Conner play? Pitt needs this win more than NE does as a loss and a Ravens win puts them half a game back going into the last two weeks and Conner is a huge part of their offensive identity.

Oz’s Pick: Patriots (come on, help me out)

Eagles vs Rams

Again, this is another one of those matchups that looked really exciting when the schedule came out, but not so much now where actually at the point of the game. Actually, that’s a bit unfair, I only say that because LA laid an egg this week. Not a full 0 pointer, but it was garbage, Gurley was a nonfactor and Goff was beaten into submission. Now, sometimes what an offence needs is to come up against the literal cast of Keanu Reeve’s movie “The Replacements” playing in the secondary against you, which is what the Eagles have. It was good to see Alshon get back in the offensive plan this week despite the loss. But, it came at the expense of Tate, I truly don’t think they can co-exist with Ertz too, it just doesn’t work there’s too many mouths to feed. Yes, before anyone asks, the Rams are still my NFC Super Bowl pick.

Oz’s Pick: Rams

Saints vs Panthers

You know what’s crazy? It’s week 15 and these guys still haven’t played each other yet and they play twice a year. Carolina appeared to have a good gameplan in their last game, until the second half and it all went down the drain. This offence works best with McCaffrey as the focal point, running, catching passes, it doesn’t matter, the dude is electric and they need to feed him 25 touches a game to win, still even with that, the team is a mess and I can’t see them fixing it this week. New Orleans on the other hand, appears to have lost their identity over the last few weeks, that loss to Dallas has truly shaken them, and they’re trying to find their way back. I get Brees is the master of bringing unknowns to the forefront, but stop it, it’s negatively affecting your output. Do you want to make the Superbowl Saints? Go back to putting the ball in Kamara, Ingram and Thomas’s hands. Everyone else is a distraction.

Oz’s Pick: Saints

There we are, that’s our Week 15 outlook and I’m sure none of them will be correct because the Football gods hate me. But, even with that, I don’t hate you guys, which is why Steve has acquiesced to running a Comp for the final 3 weeks of the Regular season. A £100 Amazon voucher baby, that’s right, same deal as always it’s across the 3 weeks, so all you need to do it pick each week and you’re well and truly in with a chance to win. Week 15 is open now, so head here to get your selections in. I’ll be back tomorrow in an even more morose mood probably because if Theilen doesn’t erupt tonight I’m probably out of playoffs for fantasy, fun times.

Ciao for now,


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