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NFL Week 14 – Picks Results

Now, some of you might be wondering what the deal with the Cowboys photo this week is, and I’ll tell you it’s got nothing to do with the Cowboys themselves. It’s all about the reaction of one Mr Rasul Douglas of the Eagles also pictured. As that’s how I imagine most of us feel right now, as I looked over the results and as a community, we went 8/16. Why? Because that’s football I suppose. No use waiting any longer, let’s dive right in.

Our first 100% game was a lot closer than I thought it would be, this Chargers Offence isn’t anywhere near as slick without Gordon as it is with him. Joe Mixon is really damn good and proved that as long as the game isn’t a complete blowout and he doesn’t get game scripted out, he’s a steal for his draft value from last year. Yeah this was a 100/0% split, but it didn’t play out like one, the Chargers should have belted the Bengals and the Chiefs will not be as forgiving to the points left on the field from mistakes.

Community Score 1/1

Our second 100% game was not what we were expecting, my god. This is a horror story for the Steelers, in a week where they could pretty much lock in a Ravens loss and their own win as they both played the top and bottom of the AFC respectively. They dropped the ball and Baltimore is still only half a game back. I would love to make a joke about imagining the damage this team could do with weapons like Mack on Defence and Cooper on Offence, but they’re tired so I won’t. Side note, Raiders fired their GM today, 2 days after they beat a 7 win team… I don’t even know where to go with this franchise, I suppose it makes sense to sack the guy who drafted Cooper and Mack and keep the guy you gave 100mil to, who never drafted anyone of note except for 2 future HoFers, a Punter and a Kicker…

Community Score 1/2

In the final AFC North vs AFC West matchup I dreamed we might get close, but over time? To be honest, this game shouldn’t have gone to overtime, that fumble was a rookie error and only blind luck dictated that Butker would miss the kick. Still, Jackson flashed and looked good at times and should keep the job if healthy for the rest of the season. The Chiefs struggled, losing Hunt has affected their offence I don’t care what you say, they’re just lucky that the other AFC frontrunners all stumbled this week. This Thursday’s match is huge, and they really need Hill healthy. Baltimore is still in the playoff hunt luckily due to losses to Pitt and Denver, but the Titans and Colts are all there vying for the same 6th spot.

Community Score 2/3

You know how I said there’s a chance? Well, it turns out for that chance to come to fruition it required a freakish play from Stills and Drake, some poor coaching from old Billy B and Gronk to look like Old Gronk. Nah, not Old Gronk the unstoppable force we saw a little bit of on the offensive side of the ball. Old Gronk, as in an old ass man, the one who’s body has given up on him and he looks like a white version of current day Antonio Gates. Don’t take anything away from Miami, they played the hell out of this game and worked hard for the victory, you know who doesn’t look their actual age of 62? Frank Gore, that dude is old as dirt and still getting it done great stuff.

Community Score 2/4

The disrespect was real, unreal in fact. 8% gave the Bears a chance at winning and they owned this game fully. Goff cannot play in cold weather, at all. He’s a So Cal kid who’s only played in So Cal or in a Dome in Missouri unless it’s a road game and it’s not just him, the Rams can’t play cold weather football. But, it doesn’t matter, the playoffs will be either at their house if they make it all the way through as the 1 seed, or in a dome if they make it and New Orleans claim the 1 seed. Chicago, now they know how to play cold weather football, pure run game and defence, how that team can surrender 30 to the Giants in one week and then hold the Rams to the lowest points and yards total of the McVay era I have no idea though. The mind boggles.

Community Score 2/5

My opinion, like usual, didn’t matter at all. Not only did the Niners matter, but they also won and fairly convincingly too. I don’t think Denver makes the playoffs, but I think they’ve still got a game or two left in this defence that could do some damage. Losing Chris Harris is just as big of a loss as Sanders, if not bigger. Lindsay is starting to run into Fournette issues, no one is scared of the passing game so they just stack the Box. I’m excited for next year, a healthy 49ers team will be a joy to watch under Shanahan with a full roster. Also, speaking of Shanahan, looks like he’s picked up his dad’s penchant for Shanahanigans. Kittle had 210 yards in the first half, the single-game record for a Tight End is 215, Kittle finished with 210 and then Shanahan referenced him missing the record when giving him the game ball? That’s cold man, he missed the record coz of you, don’t rub it in.

Community Score 2/6

So, I don’t care was my motto for this game, and I have to say that come halftime I was slightly worried. I shouldn’t have been, after having quite possibly the best half of his NFL career Jameis decided to wind back the clock to every other week earlier in the year and just completely fall apart. This suited the Saints just fine as it meant they were able to take the game over with their run game and control the entire 2nd half. I’m still not convinced the Saints are back to where they were Pre Dallas, but hopefully playing the Panthers will sort them out as they march on towards playoffs.

Community Score 3/7

Just in case anyone cared if the Jags defence had turned the corner after beating the Colts if they had, they turned it back again and more some in this game. I can’t believe what I watched from paid professionals on the 99-yard run, don’t get me wrong, Henry is a beast of a human, but not one dude tried to tackle his legs the whole game. Also, Jacksonville, you can tell there’s a culture issue when you’ve let the guy run for 200+ and 4 TDs and you celebrate like you just won the game when you stop him getting a 5th on fourth down. That’s messed up. Guess what Titans fans, the Giants have a worse run D than the Jags do, so you never know. They also don’t have a 1-dimensional offence that revolves entirely around giving the ball to 1 dude, so maybe you won’t be able to run the ball the whole game after all.

Community Score 4/8

Luck did struggle against the top tier offence, for about 1 half. Then, TY Hilton remembered he’s really fast and has great hands and the Colts started clicking. It also helps that Houston can’ defend against Tight Ends and that the Colts defence played way above their station. Leonard was dominant as was Ebron. For the Texans, this loss was always coming, I couldn’t see them running the table after starting 0-3, it’s too unbelievable to happen. But don’t let this fool you, they’re still a good team and have gotten to where they are because of this, all teams slip from time to time and 3 points isn’t a big slip.

Community Score 4/9

I heard something crazy this morning, since week 9, no player has more receiving yards than Amari Cooper. I joked when the trade happened that the Cowboys had gotten robbed, but he’s been the perfect fit for their team so I stand corrected and admit I was wrong. He opens up the field so much more for Zeke it’s unreal, with all that said the Cowboys got lucky in this game. No fumble called on that opening return has been called controversial, to say the least, and that PI on Goedert was absolutely farcical. So yeah Eagles’ fans have a right to feel aggrieved, the reffing in this one wasn’t great, now granted 2 missed calls aren’t the reason Zeke and Cooper went to town all over your asses, but they did change the momentum of the game.

Community Score 5/10

I thought it would be a close one this week and I was right, it was close, I just picked the wrong winner. Cams throwing arm is not right at all, he’s struggling, I didn’t notice it on Sunday night and only picked it up when I went back to watch the recap. He can’t make downfield throws and favours it slightly, that’s troubling for the Panthers considering he had offseason surgery to repair it and he looks to have reinjured it. The Browns have won the same amount of games since they fired Jackson that they won with him as the head coach for 2 and a bit years, let that sink in. I’ve mentioned it before, but Mayfield is looking great and is vindicating them in picking him first overall. We’ve also got to give credit to this young defence, there are some true playmakers on it and they’re balling out.

Community Score 5/11

That’s how big of a dumpster fire this division is, even the bottom feeder teams can’t figure out who’s worse out of them.  Josh Allen is out here breaking NFL records left right and centre, he broke Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a QB in a 3 game stretch, he’s also the first QB since 1939 to rush for 100 yards in back to back games. That’s not the only thing about the Bills offence that’s broken though, the whole thing is. I can’t actually remember how many passes those receivers dropped, but it was over 5. New York won but didn’t actually win anything but a little bit of pride back I suppose, it’s an ultimately meaningless win, except for the fact Crowell was spotted in a walking boot, so maybe we’ll get to see what Maguire has to offer from a feature role.

Community Score 5/12

Saquon is the best pure runner in the NFL, change my mind. Now I know that might offend some, but it’s a point we could all argue. I think his performance so far has been more impressive than Zeke’s rookie season in 2016. Zeke had the best O-Line in the League, whilst according to Pro Football Focus, the Giants O-Line ranked at 25th in their most recent rankings I could find. That’s a major difference, he won’t catch Dickerson for his rookie rushing record, but he could pass Hunt’s numbers from last year, and Zeke’s from 2016, (yes Zeke only played 14 games). hell, he may even get more total yards than all of them. It says a lot if a QB who hasn’t played since 2013 shows you up, Sanchez is done and so are the ‘Skins and No, Josh Johnson is not the answer either.

Community Score 6/13

Wow, this game made the Titans vs Jags look as exciting as Miami v New England. This was awful, there’s nothing else to say. Arizona truly looks like the worst team in the NFL offensively and some teams are starting Mark Sanchez and Cody Kessler. I have bugger all to say about this, Detroit looked bad and Arizona looked worse, there that about sums up the game. At least we picked the result right.

Community Score 7/14

You got this one right too, Minnesota looked like a truly sinking ship. Cousins has never played well in Primetime, the pressure gets to him, but it doesn’t help to play behind that sieve they call an O-Line. The defence did everything they could to put the Vikings in a spot to win but they never really stood a chance. Oh hey, regression how you doing? 10-20 for 72 yards and a pick. That’ some bad QB play, so yeah, Cousins was bad, but so was Wilson, unfortunately, Cousins doesn’t have a top 5 run game to fall back on to save his bacon. Luckily, both get easy matchups this week and should make the most of them in bounce-back performances.

Community Score 8/15

So one offence exploded, the other sputtered and didn’t really do much. Yes, Julio scored 2 TDs, which is great to see as it’s no longer just about the yards. But, Atlanta was out of this game early, there last two TD’s made the score look slightly respectable but this game was over very quickly. Green Bay showed that they have firepower in their offensive arsenal and now they get to go face Chicago, what a reward… Atlanta? Well, I think it’s time to part ways with Sarkesian and see what next season brings with your players back from injury.

It’s the season of giving, and we’re giving away. That’s right, we’re giving away a £100 Amazon gift voucher for the weeks across 15-17. Now to be eligible, what you need to do is be in the top 50% of picksters across the 3 weeks to be eligible for the draw. So it’s not a prize for only the top, meaning that even if you have a rough week at some point like I did this week, you could still win it. The first step is getting your Week 15 picks sorted. I’ll be back tomorrow to see what’s cracking with our league table and break down how my fantasy team is going.

Ciao for now.


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