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NFL Week 13 – Picks Results

So yesterday I started a bit of a rant about how Week 13 sucked, I pretty much covered it all in there, so I won’t go into great detail again, well not entirely anyway. But, after running through and updating everything, I realised that on my death bed last week, I actually forgot to enter my picks. So all of my bluster about certain games was for nought. Which compounds on the fact that Week 13 sucked because I had almost cracked the top 15. A.J. Green (IR) Greg Olsen (IR) Kareem Hunt (Ray Rice Enthusiast) are all lost us for the Fantasy playoffs, probably well and truly shafting your team. Well, maybe only the Hunt one, Olsen has been a non-factor, and you should have picked up a replacement for Green weeks ago. Also, unpopular opinion, I didn’t think the Hunt video was that bad, the chick looked like she was being a total cow, and she got messed up by the wall inadvertently, all I’m saying is, there’s a reason the police never charged him… Anyway, now that I’ve alienated 50% of my readers (sorry Mum) Let’s get into the games.

4 100% games were picked last week, and Dallas decided to screw it for us right from the get-go. This game hopefully was a wake-up call the Saints needed to ensure they keep their eyes on the prize. Because historically Brees has been worse on the road and even poorer outside of the Dome. Now, if the playoffs run through LA, that could cause problems as that’s on the road and outside. Dallas looked like a completely different team, yes the whole “Zeke is our offence” thing was there, but it was the Defence that surprised me. Vander Esch has been a breath of fresh air to a team that too often crumbled against the run when Sean Lee was off the field. I’m still not fully convinced by them, but I’m getting there.

Community Score 0/1

The second unanimous game picked last week was actually a lot closer than I thought it would be, which is troubling for Kansas City. We all knew they’d put 35+ on the Raiders, but I thought it would be a blowout with backups in before the 4th quarter. Kudos to Derek Carr and the Raiders Offence, what this shows is that the coaching staff might not have to retool the offence entirely in the upcoming drafts. For KC, it’s more worrying, Oakland has struggled on Offence in recent weeks and your Defence was supposed to have turned a corner. That didn’t happen, coming to the end of the season where playoff seeding is so important, and where you’ve historically choked in the playoffs. You’d like to think then, that you’re not going to have to score 50 to win games because your Defence can’t stop anyone.

Community Score 1/2

The next 100% looked a lot more convincing, but that was due to individual superstars rather than team play. I mentioned my three MVP frontrunners yesterday in Mahomes, Brees and Gurley. The reason Goff isn’t in there is games like this, he’s struggled with his accuracy recently and losing Kupp has been huge, Reynolds is decent but the same chemistry isn’t there and it showed in this game. They can still win it all, but Gurley is the focal point, not Goff. Detroit has done what they do every year. Start with a mixed bag of results, but have a few of them as huge wins (ala vs Patriots) then they fall apart as the season goes on. This was set for the enormous breakout season for Kenny Golladay due to the Tate trade and the Jones injury, but he’s sputtering due to a poor O-line, poor QB play, and a non-existent run game to take the pressure off. Mark this year down as another below average year for the Lions and their lacklustre performance against LA epitomised it.

Community Score 2/3

Our last 100% game really gave us what we were expecting when no one picked San Fran to win it, a bonafide blowout. Russell Wilson is defying all logic with his play at the moment, I don’t even know if I can continue to doubt it, Less than every third completion he threw was a damn touchdown. Only 7 of his completions were not putting the ball in a players hand in the end zone, to put this into perspective. Every time he completed a pass, there was a 36% chance it was a touchdown. When Andrew Luck had one of his 33 completions, there was a 0% chance it was a touchdown. Absurd. San Fran suck, it’s the truth, they’re 2-10 no one cares.

Community Score 3/4

Speaking of teams that suck, New York managed to be 16-0 up at one point and still lose by 4. The Jets haven’t won an away game since the battered the hell out of the Lions in Week 1 and we’re already talked about how woeful they are. With 2 out of their 4 remaining games on the road, and those 2 being against the Pats (L) and the Bills (who belted them previously), I think we could see them going into week 1 next year not having won a regular season road game in a year. Jesus Titans, you sure took the hard route on this one, Relying on the last minute Corey Davis touchdown to pull the rabbit out of the hat. That’s becoming a bit of a theme for him to be honest, dude loves a game-winning, last-minute TD. We saw good Mariota and bad Mariota in this game and Tennessee’s season revolves around which one shows up more in December.

Community Score 4/5

Another overwhelming favourite, another upset loss, and another Coach/Coordinator called Mike Mc that has been fired as a direct consequence of an Arizona Cardinals result. McCarthy will be on another team in no time, the question is whether he gets another HC role or not, Cleveland anyone? Johnson looked good but not great, and Rosen was his usual inefficient self, completing under 50% with no TD’s and under 150 yards. Now, he’s also just lost arguably his best receiver to IR in Christian Kirk, they may have got the win but this was down to Defence on their side, and dysfunction on the other Sideline. Yes, the Packers had dropped passes left right and centre, but I’m not willing to acquit Rodgers, this was the worst game I’ve seen him play in a very long time. McCarthy is now gone, so that’s another excuse out the window, he’s gotta step up and prove now he’s the player that Packers fans claim that he is.

Community Score 4/6

Did someone say upset of an overwhelming favourite? Well, I’ve got at least 2 more of those to come and the first one was primarily because of Chase Daniel. Primarily? Yes. Exclusively? No, not even close. Yes, he threw a Pick 6 in the first quarter, but when your highly vaunted Defence can only get to the second most sacked QB 3 times and gives up 30 points in the process, yes you’re asking a lot of your backup QB to get the win. Credit to the Giants though, they easily could have rolled over weeks ago, but as I’ve said, I think Eli is playing for his career as a starter, he bombs this season any further, he’s donion rings. Jordan Howard is not a starting calibre running back at this moment, he’s a valuable asset to have as a backup, but the Bears are a lot better with him on the bench than with him on the field.

Community Score 4/7

It had to be this week, didn’t it Jacksonville? You know my rage for hating Week 13? Well it partially stems from this game, the Jags finally decided to turn up and play Defence and now I have massive doubts about my Starting QB in fantasy coming into the first week of Playoffs. Even though the Jags played great defence, the reason this was a shutout came down to overly aggressive coaching that has backfired by Frank Reich. 3 FG opportunities passed up to try score on 4th down, take the damn points mate. Jesus, if you’d had better decision making against Houston and in this one, you’d be  7-4-1 and leading the pack for that second wildcard spot. Instead, you’re right back in the thick of it behind the Ravens and tied with the Titans and Broncos with a harder schedule left to play than Denver. Jacksonville, you’re not making playoffs. But, if you keep playing defence like that, you’re going to ruin a few teams hopes along the way which is a good enough feeling, especially if they’re division rivals.

Community Score 4/8

How the hell did this happen, last time I checked we were 4/5 in community picks and now we’re 4/9 because of this result. Well, at least that puts us in esteemed company with Carolina who’ve also just got 4 games wrong in a row. The last time the Panthers looked good was in probably going into the half against the Buccaneers in Week 9, since then they’ve been outscored 140-91. Now granted, most of that deficit came from the Steelers game, but the losses to Detroit and in this one shouldn’t have happened. Cam looked good for the majority of the season up until week 10, and since then he’s been bang average and the only reason the defeats haven’t been worse is due to Christian McCaffrey putting the team on his pint-sized back. The Bucs picked up Winston’s 5th-year option before the season started but provided he doesn’t get injured it’s not guaranteed. So right now, he’s playing for a payday, and it shows. He’s been great the last couple of weeks and the offence seems to run better for him with Jackson off the field too. Mind you, it helps that they’ve found a run game through Peyton Barber. Their 2nd round pick form this year Ronald Jones isn’t exactly doing anything to displace him either looking subpar in his first game back from a 4 game absence.

Community Score 4/9

I won’t spend too much time on the next 2 games, as they were mostly favoured as one-sided and they fell that way. The Bengals are in disarray and as a Ravens fan, it’s great to see, as a football fan, not so much. Green and Dalton are the core of this team, Boyd and Mixon are ancillary pieces when all four are clicking it’s great and entertaining football but unfortunately that’s been few and far between and we won’t see it for the rest of the year. Denver has the best run to a wildcard spot, they have the easiest schedule and a team that can easily do it, I’m going to flog a dead horse here. The way they get there is on the back of Lindsay, and with Keenum doing as little as possible to screw it up.

Community Score 5/10

This was always going to be a tough ask for Baker, they’ve looked good recently because they’ve been able to play the Bengals and the Falcons, unfortunately, the Texans defence is a different kettle of fish entirely and it showed. The Browns struggled and got in a hole, meaning they had to get away from their “run the ball” identity. Another great win for Houston, that’s an NFL record 9 on the trot. Indy will be a challenge this week but I think they can handle them, they’re competing with the Pats for that first round bye and New England still has to play Pittsburgh in Week 15, that doesn’t seem as big of a challenge as previously thought due to recent Steelers results, but it still makes for an interesting run to January.

Community Score 6/11

Speaking of the Patriots, they managed to do a number on the Vikings this week restricting Cousins to 201 yards on 32 completions, Cook looked good and fully recovered from the Hamstring but it might be too little too late for their season. The defence managed to mostly do their job against this Pats offence as 24 points is a defensible total, just not when your offence can only score 1 touchdown all game. Yes Diggs wasn’t healthy, and Thielen got 10 targets, but for a man who was so efficient and dominant during the start of the season, it’s criminal to throw 44 passes and only have 1/4 of them go his way. Cousins’ decision making has a long way to go if he wants to be anywhere near worth what they paid him.

Community Score 7/12

You know how I said last night that Colt McCoy was about as close to Alex Smith as you could get, well I didn’t expect him to break his damn leg to get closer, Jesus Christ Colt. Well, that meant it was the Sanchize time to shine and that meant for a game that was already uphill for them anyway just got way harder. Washington is the NFC’s version of the Bengals. Side note, Adrian Peterson showed there’s still some gas in the tank ripping off a 90-yard run, and still finished under 100 yards for the game, what the hell? Philly looked semi-decent and flushed another one of my GH hot takes down the drain. Tate was the best receiver on the field for this game and I can see what he does for their Offence, the downside is their Defence is a shambles and no one on the O outside of Tate, Wentz or Ertz shows game-breaking potential.

Community Score 8/13

Amongst the close games, this was the one that I actually felt bad for the loser (mainly because the other games had Baltimore win and Pittsburgh lose) but that’s irrelevant. Next Season, Allen completes that throw and Buffalo win the game. The Dolphins escaped on this one and might end up finishing 8-8, is Adam Gase Jeff Fischer in disguise? I don’t know, but I do know that the Bills released both Andre Holmes and Kelvin Benjamin this evening. Hey Kelvin, remember when you trash talked Cam and said that gives you any other QB in the league and you’d make plays. Well, you got 4 more of them this season and didn’t do squat, truthfully though, that dude needs to move to tight end if he wants to keep playing in the league, people should not be paying his overweight ass to play receiver.

Community Score 9/14

I’m chalking this one up more to Atlanta being bad than Baltimore being bad, I’d say that 1.5 seasons of bad play is enough evidence for the Falcons to look at considering moving on from their OC. I get Julio was hurt, but there’s talent on the roster this system just isn’t showcasing it. On the flip side, I don’t see the point in bringing Flacco back, yes the reason Jackson has won 3 straight is entirely more schedule related than anything else. But look at it this way, even if you make Wildcard, it’s not going to be a deep run, they’re better off keeping Jackson in, getting him the Reps and saying goodbye to Joe end of the year and taking the 8mil dead cap hit. But, I’m just an Ozzie living in the north of the Uk, what do I know?

Community Score 10/15

It’s always a good day when Pittsburgh loses, and this loss is so big for the AFC playoff race, Conner is out for this coming week but they’re playing Oakland so they’re lucky. However, they still have to play New Orleans and New England before they play Cincy in Week 17, that means I could easily see them finishing 9-6-1, it should be enough to hold off the Ravens who have KC, LAC, CLE and TB in their last 4, also 2 easily winnable matchups. This was probably the second most important win of the year for the Chargers, with KC coming in Week 15, they couldn’t afford to drop a game here. Also, Pitt could very easily end up as their opponent in the Wildcard round, so to know they can beat them without Melvin Gordon generates untold confidence in that locker room. Thanks for screwing me Austin Ekeler, you were supposed to be my direct replacement for Gordon while he was out and you sucked. Thanks for including yourself in why I hated week 13.

That is it from me tonight, I’ll touch base with Steve and Dom to see if I can’t get those RDR2 winners for tomorrow night, thanks for everyone sitting here and listening to me rant and rave. Don’t do what I did and put off getting your picks in, or you could end up on death’s door like me and miss the Thursday Deadline. Catch you tomorrow night Picksters.

Ciao for now,


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