NFL Week 12 Picks Review & Table Update

Right, Oz has been puking up for the past 2 days so he’s asked me to step in and do the Week 12 review and Table update. I am not as good as Oz is at this, I do not have the time, the skill, nor the inclination to follow in his footsteps and do an epic post including a write up for each individual game. However, I am better than him at making articles look fancy so there’s that.

Check out this ring, sunburst, mulitlevel pie chart! 🤤

Please prepare yourself for a drop in the usual high standards that our resident Aussie has set. I remind the prick every week that this isn’t war and peace but he never listens. Anyway, so you don’t miss him, I’ll be adding a number of pics of Oz in this post.

For no reason, please enjoy this image of Lindsey Pelas.

So let’s have a look at the Week 12 results and how you lot did in your predictions. Well there were 15 games this week and as a group you correctly predicted 13 of them, which is class. In fact the only 2 results that you did not correctly predict were 2 of the biggest underdog wins we’ve ever had!

Oz once dressed up as an inflatable T-Rex and entertained his work colleagues.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers looked to be absolute bankers this week, both of them scoring an insane 95% in our Picks. However the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos had other ideas. At the time of writing I’ve not finished watching the Denver/Pittsburgh game – there’s 9 mins to go in Q3 and the Steelers are 17-10 up and looking like their offence it starting to fire. Clearly not.

These pricks tucked us right up for the clean sweep this week.

There’s not much I can say about the other results as they all went our way, this was the closest we’ve come to a clean sweep. Hopefully we will get all fixtures right in one of the remaining weeks.

If you wanna see the actual scores for all games, then click here to check out the Picks results page for Week 12.

Oz once dressed up in the Peanut Butter Jelly Banana Costume (with maracas) to entertain the armed police at 10 Downing Street. They loved that shit. Can someone explain to me how the copper on the left has his legs behind the gate and his top half in front of it?

That brings us on to the League Table. Lets look at just Week 12 first. The 2 highest scorers with 14 out of 15 were David Band and our own Blogger/Columnist, the amazing Seb Sansom!


Propping up the table this week is Grace Jelf and Alistair Hill who only managed 7 out of 15 each.

To look at the entire league table for Week 12, click here and then select the ‘User Table’ tab

Have some more Lindsey Pelas.

Okay, so how is the overall NFL season table looking? Well our man Seb is in the Top 10. As are both of the Breen brothers and fellow Scot Darren Henderson. Lee Jelf (Grace’s husband?) is sitting in 3rd at 113 points, James Griffin in second on 116 points and that man David Band sitting pretty at the top with an impressive 119 points on the season so far.

So if Lee Jelf is sat in third place, where is Grace Jelf? I found her sat in 46th place in the table. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

Propping up the overall NFL season table is Hatch. He has one point and is likely to stay there on one point because he was just testing that Picks were working when we first started. Everyone else with embarrassingly low scores have no excuse. 2, 3, 5, 6 points? C’mon, no one is that bad at predicting. I reckon they all wanted a shot at a prize and then dropped out when they did so poorly in the first week.

Well I’ve got an announcement to make about that, consider it an exclusive and that you are now part of the cool gang. The next NFL Picks contest we run (most likely to start next week) will have its winner randomly selected from the top 50% of performers. This will hopefully keep more people engaged in the contest for longer.

Oz once did a keg stand with a black t-shirt on.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Contest Update

We would have announced the winner of the Red Dead Redemption 2 contest this evening, however Dom the Web Dev Dude is on holiday in Amsterdam this week. Dom is the only cat out there that can pluck out the scores for certain Picks weeks so we are at the mercy of his return before we find out the winner. I can only apologise for this, I didn’t realise he was off the entire week and now I feel like Oz being ill is some sort of twisted karma making me pay for my mistake. So, we will announce the winner next week once Dom the Web Dev Dude has pulled the data for us.

Oz used to play ball in New Zealand for the Wellington Boots. That may not be their actual name but it should be.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Picks results and League Table. I also hope that I do not ever have to step in again and that the Legend that is Oz remains fit and healthy forever. #vivalaOz

Oz once…well you can read his own caption

Thanks for sticking this post out and reading to the end, to show my gratitude, here’s some top draw nudes of Lindsey Pelas.

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