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NFL Playoffs – Wildcard Round Picks Review

It’s cool Deshaun, there’s no hate in you being the cover image. Because after this weekend just been, I feel exactly the same, I’m depressed and salty as hell. Not because my Ravens lost, but because of how it happened. I’m happy for the Chargers, I truly believe Rivers deserves a ring, I dunno if it’ll happen this year but he’s earned it. I’ll whinge more about what the Ravens did wrong later. Let’s look at the games.

First up on Saturday night we had the Colts take on the Texans, now I had the Colts to win this one, and it was the only one I felt truly confident in. But I was in the minority, it was a 67% Texans majority going into the game but unfortunately they never really looked in it. Credit to them, they’ve had a great season and have a lot of talent to build on, but the Colts were easily a cut above. Luck is comeback player of the year, no doubt about it. For where they were last year, to where they are now is astounding, but it’s not all him. Darius Leonard is rightly deserving of 1st All-Pro status in his Rookie season as is Guard Quentin Nelson. Pair them with Ryan Kelly and it shows you the core of this young Colts team. Next up, a date with KC at Arrowhead, probably their toughest assignment of the year.

Community Score: 0/1

Moving into the Late Sunday game, we saw Dak take a step in his growth as a QB and lead a clutch drive down the field. But, this game was more about the Dallas defence than the offence. The Seahawks averaged 160 rushing yards a game coming into this match, and could only muster 74 in this game. Now credit where it’s due, the Cowboys were superb in their Run D, but when Seattle’s coaching staff decided to run the ball on almost every 1st and 2nd down, they didn’t have to scheme too hard. For Dallas, it was an important win, but maybe a costly one. This win will pretty much ensure that Garrett gets an extension, do Cowboys fans really want that? I can’t see them beating the Rams (change my mind) or winning anything more than a Wildcard game in the future with Garrett as the Coach, mind you I was wrong about this game (as was 68% of you guys) so I could easily be wrong about that too.

Community Score 0/2

Ahhh crap, we got here too quickly, I’m not ready to write about this game. Look, like I said, credit to the Chargers and we’ll get to them in a sec. But my god, Marty Mornhinweg needs to be out of the job. That was the worst called half I’ve seen in all my years of watching the Ravens, don’t get me wrong, Jackson was a dumpster fire too. But the OC did him no favours, I was salty as hell last night, and was calling for Jackson to be benched and Flacco to be put in. But now, with the heat of the moment gone, it made sense to keep him in. They spent a first rounder on him, Flacco won’t be there next year, might as well see what you got. But for God’s sake get a new OC in. Congrats LA you played a little less awful than Baltimore did, they now get to travel into Foxborough to face the Patriots, and you know what? I’m gonna take a sneaky bet on them to win it. They have a good Offence, and the Pats D isn’t close to the Ravens, and they’ve only lost one game on the Road all season long, in Week 3 to the Rams. I doubted them this week in the 20% minority, I won’t make the same mistake next week.

Community Score 1/3

The late Sunday game gave us Big Dick Nick taking down the Bears in their first playoff game since god knows when. Now, don’t get it twisted, he wasn’t the be all and end all, in fact, he was bad for most of the game. But he came up clutch when it counted, and put another tick beside that pending lucrative contract that’s probably coming in the offseason. Philly just keeps finding ways to get it done, and their defence is well and truly stepping up. I think you also won’t find a better Timeout all season, Dougy P came up huge from the sideline when it counted. Trubisky struggled in his first Playoff game and showed that in his 2nd season he still has a lot of growing to do. Mack was a relative non-factor all game, so credit to the Eagle’s O-line, and finally. Of course, we need to look at Cody Parkey… Yes, he missed the game-winning field goal, it’s true. He also scored 9 out of the Bears 15 points for the Game, so yeah blame him for the missed FG, but what about the inability to score the 2pt conv, or the inability to score any other TDs, those are the main reasons why 77% of us ended up wrong.

Community Score 1/4

That is it for the Review of the Wildcard round, the Divisional Round is open for picks, so you can find that here. I’ll be back tomorrow night to talk about that Divisional round and let you know what I think about the games. Until then,

Ciao for now.

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