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NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round Picks Review

Oh man, how the mighty can fall. Just one week after Alshon is our poster boy for everything good, he becomes the new Dez Bryant. That’s right, Dez dropped it, sue me. I kid, I kid, about the Alshon part I mean, Dez defo dropped it. Heartbreak for 4 more teams in the Divisional round, Now while it’s not as bad as going out in the Wildcard round it’s still pretty crap. All this does is prove you’re good but not great, and then net you a draft pick in a less than ideal position. So yeah, losing in the divisional round sucks. But it has to happen for cream of the crop to rise and for us to be left with our conference contenders. Which brings us to the reason for this monologue of sorts, the games. So let’s not dilly dally and take a look.

First up, we had an overwhelming favourite in the Saints put up an underwhelming performance as they scraped the victory over the Eagles in what many thought might be a rehash of their earlier season blowout encounter. Not with BDN at the helm, admit it Saints fans, you were nervous. Alshon catches that ball and it’s a very real possibility they keep driving and score a TD to tie the game. Brees has looked out of sorts since week 9/10 but it hasn’t seemed to matter too much. The Saints are probably the most well-rounded team left in the Playoffs and still retain home field advantage right until the big dance itself in Atlanta. Still, if I’m McVay I’m tearing this game film apart play by play to avoid another rehash of their loss earlier in the year.

Oz’s Score: 1/1
Community Score: 1/1

The Rams were another team that most of us expected to win with 82% of the vote. But I’ll tell you what, after seeing Dallas completely smother the Seahawks run game, I did not expect the Rams to come out and absolutely have their way with them on the ground. Gurley looked to finally have shaken off the rust since his injury that kept him out of the end of the regular season. Not only that, Mike Tolbert looked amazing. Huh? That’s not Mike Tolbert? C.J. Anderson is also built like a Short Nose Tackle? Crazy. This is one of two games where the scoreline was closer than the actual game itself, there may have been only one score separating them, but LA was easily the better team and should be stoked with this performance heading into New Orleans this week. Dallas, not so much, Garrett will keep his job as a byproduct of making it this far, and also having his mouth permanently attached to Jerry Jones’ testicles. The latter has resulted in him getting a sacking all the time, but not the one Dallas fans want.

Oz’s Score: 2/2
Community Score 2/2

There was a theme in the AFC games, they were over by Halftime. The O-Line that I talked up so heavily couldn’t block anyone, couple that with the fact the refs are letting players battle more downfield without throwing flags it meant that Luck was a hunted man all game. This Chiefs secondary is a weakness, but if their pass rush can stay dominant they might have a shot against Brady and the boys. The Colts just looked so far out of their element, they couldn’t stop the Chiefs and couldn’t string anything together to be able to keep up. This was a blowout in name and score, Indy looks good, but they proved in this game they’ve still got a lot of improvements to make to be considered true contenders.

Oz’s Score: 3/3
Community 3/3

What on earth was I thinking, picking against Brady at home coming off the bye? Was I drunk? Don’t let the score fool you, this was not a close game at all, there was a lot of garbage time points from LA. The Pats obviously sick of hearing about how old and done Brady is, and how there are no offensive weapons just decided to blow LA right out of the water from the get-go. Both running backs had a monster game and New England proved once again they are the team to beat in the AFC when the Playoffs roll around. Rivers dropped to 8-0 all-time against T-Brizz and I don’t know if he’ll ever get that chance to beat him with the clock on both their careers winding down over the next couple of years. Gordon was massively inefficient, leading everyone who plays fantasy to hope he’s fine for next season. It was good to see Hunter Henry running around only 7 months removed from a full ACL tear and reconstruction. He’s only 24 so the future is bright providing Gates gets his 77 year old ass off the field. I hope we get one more game of dominant Gronk before he pulls the plug, just one. But I also want them to lose so…

Oz’s Score 3/4
Community Score 3/4

That’s our review in the books for the Divisional round. I’ll be taking a look at the Conference Championship matchups this upcoming Friday as we get hyped with only 3 (screw the ProBowl) games left in the 2018 season.

Ciao for now,


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