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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 15

Well, I’m back again and it’s kind of a scary thought that 2 weeks from now I’ll be talking about everything that’s happened in the final week of the regular season. Seriously, where the hell as the season gone? I still remember riding high on the buzz around Fitzmagic and pondering how I was going to attempt to trade James Conner for Kareem Hunt. (I didn’t, I went and got McCaffrey instead in a package) This also means there are only 32 possible games left for us to pick, so you guys are going to have to step it up to catch David for the season title.

Speaking of David, he is indeed still riding high after a bad week, in which he only netted 6/16 we saw Lee and James manage to close that gap by both bringing in 9/16. So, where does that leave us in regards to the actual table?

Well, David still sits up top (145) holding a 4 game lead over James Griffen and Lee Jelf tied in second (141) as mentioned and they’re who I think it will come down to. Because when we look at the gap down to Chris tied in 4th with Darren Henderson on 132 it’s probably almost insurmountable with only 2 weeks to go. From 6 through to 10 it remains almost the same, except the tie’s we had at 8th and 10th are now gone. So that leaves us with Danny Burton in 6th still (131), Jonathan Ebsworth still in 7th (129) and like I said Graeme Baldock (128) pulling one game ahead of Seb Sansom (127) to hold down 8th on his own. Sean Robert (125) also managed to pull ahead of Joel Pearson to take sole ownership of the final spot in the top 10.

Logic would dictate that if there are only 2 weeks left for you to be able to pick from, that also means there are only two weeks left in the GH £100 Amazon giveaway. Which is entirely correct, so if you’ve haven’t already submitted your week 16 picks, you can head here to do so. Remember, it’s not a best of the best contest per se, it’s a draw pulled from the top 50% of picksters across the entire 3 weeks (15-17). So that just means you don’t need to be the best, but you do need to be in it to win it.

That’s it from me for the weekly table update, I’ll be back tomorrow for a look at all your pick predictions for the Thursday night and Saturday night game and also the 10 6 other percentages for the week.  So until tomorrow,

Ciao for now.


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