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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 14

So before we get into why you’re all here, I have to get a couple of things of my chest. The first is some of you guys are truly wizards, how on earth some of you managed to pick 10 or 11 games right this week I have no idea, like are you actively picking Miami or Oakland? San Fran? I have no clue, so hats off to you guys. Also secondly, last week I made a comment in my Monday preview about how if the Bucs won I’d do a forfeit, film it and post it. Well as you know they didn’t win, but because I was so vehement that the Saints would slaughter them that a friend of mine who follows the column (if you can call it that) and is a passionate Bucs fan has agreed to design a forfeit for me to do, should his Bucs beat my Ravens. Depending on what it is, and what feedback I receive the forfeit will be recorded and posted, and might even be done win or lose because of my unwarranted disdain for the Bucs. We’ll see. Anywho, let’s get into why you’re really here, to see if you sucked or not and if David stills rules the roost, Spoiler alert (he does, and the gap is getting bigger)

That’s right, after a stellar week at 10/16, David Band is still our supreme leader, well kinda. Steve is the supreme leader but only coz GH is more of a cult than anything and he makes us call him that. But, as I mentioned, David is far and away alone at the top in first on 139 points. James Griffen and Lee Jelf have fallen off the pace a bit and are sitting tied for 2nd on 132. The spacing is a bit closer moving through the pack as we have Chris and Darren Henderson making up the top 5 on 126 and 123 respectively. Rounding out the top 10 we have Danny Burton still in 6th (122), Jonathan Ebsworth in sole possession of 7th (121) and Graeme Baldock tied with GH Alum Seb Sansom in 8th (119). With Joel Pearson and Sean Robert rounding out the top 11 tied in 10th (117)

Now, as I’ve mentioned before. Santa Oz is giving away a £100 Amazon gift voucher over the next three weeks. To be in the draw, all you need to do is make sure you’re in the top 50% of picksters across the entire 3 weeks (15-17) So, for the remainder of the regular season just makes sure you’re getting your picks in. Like always, voting closes at 6 pm on Thursday so you’ve got about 18 hours or so, meaning if you haven’t done so already head here.

Well, that’s it from me for Wednesday, I’ll be back tomorrow to take a look at how our picks all shook out and probably talk some more trash.

Ciao for now,


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