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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Week 13

Ahhh Wednesday night, the night we take a look at ourselves in a way, rather than looking at the at the NFL itself and who did or didn’t screw up (looking at you Drew Brees, Tre’Quan Smith and Austin Ekeler). We celebrate our winners not only from this week just been but in the case of this week’s update from across multiple weeks for our RDR2 giveaway. That’s right I have got the results from the Red Dead Redemption Two competition. The winner of the comp is none other than our current NFL picks leader, David Band. Huge congratulations David, you’ve been top of the Picks table for weeks upon weeks, and have made a strong resurgence when you’ve been passed or caught. Great stuff, we’ll be in touch to facilitate getting that out to you.

With that aside, we move into the season rankings, and as I mentioned, we’ve got David at the top on 129, that gives him a 4 point lead coming into the home stretch over the 2nd place James Griffin who’s on 125. Rounding out the top 3 is Lee Jelf on 123 and then we’ve got another 4 point drop down to Chris in 4th on 119, Darren Henderson is the man filling out our top 5 on 116 points. The last 6 (we have a tie for 10th) are all only separated by 5 points with Danny Burton in 6th (115), GH’s own Seb Sansom in 7th (112), Jonathan Ebsworth and Sean Robert tied for 8th (111) and Graeme Baldock is tied with Joel Pearson for 10th (110).

I’ve managed to hold on to a top 20 slot, and even though I didn’t enter them into the site, the joy of doing an article stating who I pick on a Monday night, let’s me know how I would have gotten on if I hadn’t been dying and had entered them. Going a pretty subpar 9 from 16 last week I would be tied with Craig Earl for 13th, on 106. Palatable, but it hurts my run to the top 10. I might have a chat to Dom and see what can be done in retrospect due to my predictions having already been out there, probably nothing but you never know.

Well, that’s all for tonight from me, Congrats again to David, not only for being top but also on winning the RDR2 copy. I’ll be back to tomorrow to wrap up where our chips fell in terms of our week 14 predictions, make sure yours are in. If you haven’t already done so you can enter them here.

Ciao for now,


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