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Gridiron Picks Weekly League Table Update – NFL Postseason

It’s creeping closer guys, playoff football. The postseason is what you pray for as fans, but only fans of 12 teams each year get the shot at that coveted title. I think it’s also the storylines that I love, and there’s so many this year, in fact, I’d say every team in this years playoffs has one has one.

Can Mahomes break the Voodoo on the Chiefs and on Andy Reid teams? Is Nick Foles the Messiah of the City of Philadelphia? Is the Luck comeback story completed with some bling? Will Philip Rivers finally get over the hump needed to secure his HoF case and ensure he’s not the forgotten QB of the 2004 draft. Will Lamar Jackson be the youngest player to ever guide his team to a title? Is the drought over for Big D and can Prescott prove he is worthy of that Franchise QB payday? Will Pete Carroll get the chance to redeem himself by running it in from the 1-yard line? Does Defence truly win Championships and was Mack the final piece to that puzzle in Chicago? Will Houston ever be able to make it past the Divisional round? Can Los Angeles place the Greatest Show on Surf in the history annals beside the Greatest Show on Turf? Is Brady as timeless as he appears and are we all just playing by his rules until he retires? And, my personal favourite (Ravens aside of course), are we seeing a repeat of that Golden 2009/10 run for the Saints, that will culminate in us seeing the Saints lift the trophy in Division Rival Atlanta’s, brand new Stadium before the Falcons do.

But a recap of storyline’s isn’t why I’m here, a recap of our weekly table and an announcement of the Winner of the Week 15-17 Amazon comp is. I’ll start with a quick thank you very much for playing across that span, 66 separate individuals qualified and competed over that point so that’s amazing for us. However, in the end, there could only be one winner and after a quick Random Number Generation with all qualifying players, that winner is Si Taylor. Congrats to Si, from all of us here at GH Picks we’ll be in touch shortly to sort out getting that prize to you.

That now brings us to the second part of why we’re here, the GH Picks Members League Table, and as we take a look at the end of the Regular season (not the end itself mind you). We see that nothing at all has changed and James Griffen is still on top looking down on everyone else, wait… no. that’s not right? Holy crap, we have a new leader!! That’s right, James has managed to run David Band down and has overtaken him by one point and now sits alone up there on 165. David does hold second still and as I mentioned it is only one point back to him on 164, we have a decent sized gap down to Lee Jelf in 3rd on 160 completing our top 3. Darren Henderson still sits in striking distance only 3 points back at 157 and then a 2 point gap separates him and Chris on 155.

As we scroll down a little bit more, We find the rest of the top 10 as follows. 6th is Danny Burton (155), Jonathan Ebsworth is 7th (152). Graeme Baldock is 2 points back (150) and Sebastian Sansom is the same again (148). We then have 2 players in joint 10th in Joel Pearson and Sean Robert both on (147). A quick special mention goes to Stuart Adams, who’s managed to put the s**ts up me and outperform everyone else significantly over the past 3 weeks and end up only 1 point behind me meaning that for the first time in weeks I could finally end up moving from my position on the table.

Well, that’s it from me for this week, Playoff Picks are still open for the Wildcard round, so head here to get yours in. If Fantasy is more your thing, head to Fantasy and then search for “Gridiron Hub Playoff Challenge” under the Groups section once signed in to be a part of our Playoff Challenge. All the best no matter how you’re playing picksters and I’ll catch you next week.

Ciao for now,

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