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There's still a lot of people who aren't aware of this, but Gridiron Hub is an open platform. By this, we mean that literally anyone can post content on Gridiron Hub and whether its a Blog, Podcast, Article, Review, Press Release, Interview, or anything else that a creator can think of - we can be used as the 'Hub' for it to be displayed to the world.

We had the below content submitted to us, and it was tough to figure out where on the site it should go. It's a Statement released by a newly formed organisation tentatively called BAFPA, who, you probably have already guessed, aim to represent Britball Players in an official capacity.

From reading it, there's a lot of things left to the imagination in terms of structure and membership but the Statement is clear on its purpose and I believe raises a good point.

Having been involved in the sport for a number of years, I've heard about the desire for Player Representation at board level within the NGB. I've even been part of some more advanced discussions where a group of people had the same idea but it never went anywhere.

Anyway, given the current state of affairs, its perhaps no surprise that people are again considering Player representation.

Here's the content that was submitted to us in full:

This is a statement from some concerned players regarding BAFA's latest release. It calls for players to organise and advocates the creation of a players association to represent players and help keep BAFA in check.

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