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2021 NFL Draft: GIANT Spencer Brown Will Hold Down Your Line For A Decade!

Northern Iowa offensive tackle Spencer Brown is the most underrated tackle heading into the draft and he will make one team look VERY smart!

2021 NFL Mock Draft – Britball with the Breens (Ft Guest Picker Ruari Collinson)

The Breen’s and a guest take us though every selection of the 2021 NFL draft and give us some MONSTER trade scenarios!

Britball With the Breen’s – Pre-Draft Power Rankings

As we approach the 2021 NFL draft the Breen’s rank every team in the NFL before they get to make their first selection!

Representing the UK in America’s Game!

Discussing some of the best international player pathways into Americas greatest game!

Classic Britball Facilities: Part Two

A safe haven for all players to relax before and after a game. Just don’t leave your stuff in there because it will get stolen.

2021 NFL Draft: Nick Bolton Is Pro Ready!

Missouri Linebacker Nick Bolton is one of the most underrated players in the 2021 NFL draft and can make an immediate impact!

2021 NFL Draft: Terrace Marshall Could Be The Next Great Receiver!

Profiling ‘the other guy’, Terrace Marshall, in LSUs historic offence and how he can take his game to the next level in the NFL wherever he goes in the 2021 NFL draft!


An exercise to explore what I would do and how I would build my team within the cap if I was a GM!

Jaguars In Talks With FA To Extend London Visits

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made it clear that they wish to play at Wembley stadium

Best ways to win and worst ways to lose a Game in Britball!

Looking into the best ways you can possibly win a Britball game and the ugliest ways you can lose one!



2021 Britball League Structure Imagined!

Britball with the Breen’s take a look at what the 2021 Britball league structure could look like as we emerge from the pandemic!


Latest updated message regarding coronavirus and return to play guidance from Chief Executive of BAFA Pete Ackerley!

NFL UK Managing Director Alistair Kirkwood to Step Down After Two Decades

A look at Kirkwood’s NFL UK legacy.

Classic Britball Facilities: Part One

Taking a look at some of the most common sights seen on gameday.

New BAFA Board Member Announced!

Umar Akhtar has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director on the BAFA Board and Chair of the Audit Committee!

Getting Started As A Player In UK American Football

Answering some concerns from people thinking about playing American Football in the UK.


Latest message from BAFA Chief Executive Pete Ackerley on the ever devloping COVID-19 pandemic and Return To Play plans!

NFL Announces $105 Billion In New TV deals!

The NFL has announced their new mega-deals with media partners across the US totalling a mind boggling $105 billion over 11 years!

Top 5 Worst Free Agent Signings Of All Time!

Looking at the top 5 worst free agent signings across the league since it’s conception in 1993!

We love American Football and the Hub is where you will (eventually) find everything you need to follow, watch, play, coach, or support the game.

Gridiron Hub will be added to and expanded over the coming weeks and months, we will initially be focussing on helping players, clubs and anyone involved in American Football in the UK. Once we have the format nailed we will expand to cover and support other leagues around Europe.

We will also be offering up a large amount of content on the NFL for those of you who like Fantasy Football and Betting.

Take a look below for samples of the content you will find across the different sections that we currently offer.


Shows is a platform for anyone to publish American Football related podcasts

NFL Big Game Preview and Matt Stafford Trade Reaction – A House Divided

By James Platt

Conference Championship Review – Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop, GameStop!

By James Platt

NFL Divisional Round Review and Conference Championship Preview – Ice Road Truckers!

By James Platt

NFL Super Wildcard Review – Fire Easterby!

By James Platt

Beating Cover 1/man Defence With The Breens!

By James Platt

Week 17 Review and Super Wildcard Preview – Pouring One Out For Adam Gase!

By James Platt

NFL Week 17: Fantasy, Picks And Everything In Between!

By James Platt

NFL Week 16 Review – No Sex In The Champagne Room!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 15: It’s Time For You To Win Your Championship!

By James Platt

NFL Week 14 Review and Week 15 Preview – Do They Even Know It’s Cover 2?

By James Platt

Beating Cover 3 Defence With The Breens!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 14: We’re Headed For The Playoffs!

By James Platt

Beating Cover 2 Defence With The Breens!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 13: We’re Headed For The Playoffs!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 12: Thanksgiving Review & Shitting On The Jags!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 11: Winston/Hill Saga and DFS Winners!

By James Platt

NFL Fantasy Football Tips Week 10: Following a HUGE Week!

By James Platt

Fantasy Football Tips NFL Week 9: In Search Of The Perfect LineUp!

By James Platt

Episode 35 – Week 7 Review – Sheep In Wolfs Clothing!

By James Platt

Daft Kings S2 Ep14: Fantasy Football Tips Week 7, Antonio Brown and answering your questions!

By James Platt

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