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NFL Week 16 – Picks Preview by Oz

Samuels has played great in Conner’s absence which speaks volumes to the argument that it was never truly Bell,or Conner but the system that made them stars, now I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know New Orleans wants that #1 seed, and Pitt needs that division title, so hopefully we’ll get one hell of a game.

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NFL Week 15 – Picks Review Part 1 by Oz

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that beating the Broncos earns you a few “mad props” from the community. Because San Fran got pasted by Seattle in week 13, since then the Seahawks have gone and beaten the Vikings comfortably with a strong run game and smash mouth running the football.

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Results by Oz

Don’t take anything away from Miami, they played the hell out of this game and worked hard for the victory, you know who doesn’t look their actual age of 62? Frank Gore, that dude is old as dirt and still getting it done great stuff.

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Review Part 2 by Oz

Dallas’ offence has gotten much better since they last played due to the Cooper trade, whereas Philly has gotten noticeably worse. I do think Dallas will be the worst Division winner in the playoffs this year, but that doesn’t matter in this game at all.

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Uniball Picks – Week 6 Review by Hub Admin

Author: Conor Fitzmaurice Here’s the link to all of this week’s game percentages- The results for this weeks games, the last set of fixture before the Christmas break, are out, and a lot of them…

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NFL Week 14 – Picks Review by Oz

Brady in his career at Miami is 7-9. That’s right, he has a losing record when playing on the road in Miami, in fact, he’s lost 4 of his last 5 on the Road against the Dolphins, so yeah they could win. Now I’m of the firm belief that they won’t because the Dolphins well and truly suck, but there’s still a chance.

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Uniball Picks – Week 6 Preview by Hub Admin

Author: Conor Fitzmaurice Here’s the link to make your Picks this week – In the Premiership North there’s a top of the table clash between the unbeaten University of Nottingham and the Durham Sa…

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NFL Week 12 – Picks Review by Oz

Another reason I love Thanksgiving even though I’m not American is that this year I got to watch all of my favourite Raiders play, just not for the Raiders themselves. Speaking of the black hole of the NFL. Even a win against the hapless Cardinals isn’t enough to actually give people confidence in them.

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NFL Week 11 – Picks Results by Oz

Damn man, Jacksonville out here rewriting the script for “How to lose a guy in 10 days” to “How to lose a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter.” You know what’s even sadder than this? Now we have to go watch the 3-7 Jags go play the 3-7 Bills this week.

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NFL Week 12 – Picks Preview by Oz by Oz

The Vikes released Carlson after he went 0-3 on FGs and that resulted in a tie with Green Bay, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s released by Oakland after going 3-3 on FGs and beating the Cardinals. That was not the result Gruden was expecting when he signed him.

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Past Results

Game Week Correct Picks
Uniball 2018-19 Week 11 54%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 10 60%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 9 65%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 8 55%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 7 NAN%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 6 55%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 5 59%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 4 61%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 3 0%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 2 59%
Uniball 2018-19 Week 1 57%
NFL 2018-19 Week 17 74%
NFL 2018-19 Week 16 63%
NFL 2018-19 Week 15 46%
NFL 2018-19 Week 14 48%
NFL 2018-19 Week 13 57%
NFL 2018-19 Week 12 71%
NFL 2018-19 Week 11 51%
NFL 2018-19 Week 10 57%
NFL 2018-19 Week 9 70%
NFL 2018-19 Week 8 74%
NFL 2018-19 Week 7 69%
NFL 2018-19 Week 6 59%
NFL 2018-19 Week 5 59%
NFL 2018-19 Week 4 61%
NFL 2018-19 Week 3 51%
NFL 2018-19 Week 2 48%
NFL 2018-19 Week 1 53%
Britball 2018 - Britbowl XXXII and Div 1 Final 70%
Britball 2018 Div 2 Finals 60%
Britball 2018 Semis (Prem & D1) 72%
Britball 2018 Week 18 69%
Britball 2018 Week 17 79%
Britball 2018 Week 16 81%
Britball 2018 Week 15 55%
Britball 2018 Week 14 85%
Britball 2018 Week 13 75%
Britball 2018 Week 12 70%
Britball 2018 Week 11 73%
Britball 2018 Week 10 70%
Britball 2018 Week 9 76%
Britball 2018 Week 8 69%
Britball 2018 Week 7 76%
NFL 2018-19 Wild Card Round 42%
NFL 2018-19 Divisional Round 70%
Uniball 2018-19 RAIN WEEK 71%
NFL 2018-19 Conference Championships 44%

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