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Gridiron Hub Madden Tournament

GH Madden 20 Tournament

We are running 2 tournaments, one on Xbox and one on PS4. Similar to the FIFA World Cup format, we will start with a group stage, then move into a Playoff.

Fixtures, Groups and Playoff structures can be found below, details on fixtures to follow.

We will be streaming some games and will provide more info on this once we have details finalised.


Gridiron Hub Online Leagues

Gridiron Hub Online Leagues Xbox Group A
Gridiron Hub Online Leagues PS4 Group A
Gridiron Hub Online Leagues Xbox Group B
Gridiron Hub Online Leagues PS4 Group B
Gridiron Hub Online Leagues PS4 Group C


Madden Tournament 3

The Format

Double round-robin groups into a single-elimination knockout bracket.

Group matches will be played over a 1 to 2 week period, this will be confirmed when player numbers are confirmed. Ideally groups of 4 but no more than 8. Groups will then be decided when numbers are confirmed. There will be no more than 8 groups.

Top 2 from each group will qualify for the bracket. First-round byes will only be granted in a situation where the bracket would not have 8/16/32 players. The bracket will be adjusted and finalised when groups are confirmed.

Games will be played on the All-Pro setting using the “competitive” option. Quarters will be 6 minutes long. Players can pick whichever team they want, but once that choice is made and “submitted” in their registration form, that is who they must play as for the remainder of the tournament.

Players who have played in the previous tournament will be seeded based on placement in that tournament. Example- Billy Elliot would be the 1 seed for PS4 having won the previous tournament. This will help to shape the groups. Anyone who didn’t play in the previous tournament will be assigned a seed number in the order that they joined the current tournament.

Selected group games will be live-streamed. Dates/times etc can be confirmed when groups have been drawn. All live-streamed games will start at either 8pm or 9pm.

All non-live-streamed games will be open for the players to make their own arrangements to play. If the games are not being played fast enough a date will be set for when they need to be completed by, if they aren’t completed, the tournament will be advanced to the bracket regardless of whether everyone in the group has completed all their matches.



Within the groups – ties will be settled by head to head record, then total points difference, then points difference over the head to head games. Win % will be used in situations where players have not played the same number of group games (Hopefully this shouldn’t happen).

For the bracket – As the top 2 from each group advance to the bracket, we will first seed the group winners using win %, then avg. points difference, then avg. points scored, then avg. points conceded. This will then be done for the teams finishing in 2nd place in their group. If players still can’t be separated, they will play 1 game to determine the higher seed. Obviously they are then sorted into their matches (highest v lowest, 2nd highest, v 2nd lowest etc).

In the event that there is a 3-way tie within a group, we will take the results of the games between those 3 players, using h2h, then points difference across those games, then points scored, then points conceded. If they are still not separated, we will use the same process but against the remaining teams in the group.

In the unlikely event of a 3-way tie occurs when determining bracket seeding, they will be sorted using total points difference against the highest-ranked remaining player in their group, then the 2nd highest ranked and so on until they can be separated. If they still can’t be separated, they will play a mini-tournament, consisting of 3-minute quarter games. The ranking of this mini-tournament will determine seeding.


A ‘no-nonsense’ approach will be taken by Gridiron Hub with reference to any rule or matter listed or not listed, Gridiron Hub’s decision is final in all instances.

You can ask any questions you may have on our Gaming Discord Server

Playoff Brackets


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