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The Gridiron Hub Content Creator Scheme is where you can get paid cash for the content that you create and post on our platform.

The content can be truly anything related to American Football – News, Analysis, Power Rankings, Predictions, Game Reviews, League Reviews, Challenges, Investigations, Studies, etc.

It can be in any format you want – written, audio, video or graphical.

And it can be on any league and any discipline you want – NFL, Britball, Uniball, XFL, Womens, Flag, CFL, LFL, GFL,etc

Creators who join the Scheme will be guided and assisted by Gridiron Hub to ensure that the right type of content is being created at the right times and with consistency.

How do I get money?

As we want to avoid any form of employing people, the Scheme will pay the 4 best performing pieces of content £20 each. This will be measured monthly on page views and social engagement.

For each piece of content created, the Creator gets a ticket for a monthly raffle where 5 winners get £10 each.

We will constantly review the Scheme to ensure that it stays fair and competitive, and that it is driving the right type of behaviour.

How do I join the Gridiron Hub Creator Scheme?

You will be invited to join the Creator Scheme after you have had 2 consecutive months of posting a minimum of 3 posts. Then to remain in contention for a cash prize, you will need to post a minimum of 3 posts per month.

Is there anything I get as a Creator?

Yes, you will be added to our Microsoft Teams for Creators where we will supply media content from the NFL, BAFA Comms, and as much insider information that we can. We will add media content from other leagues as we get access to it.

Through this medium, you will also have our support and the support of the other Creators. Our aim is to help the Creators to bring their content to life so that it has the best chance of success.

We will also help you out with access to individuals within the sport that may otherwise be difficult to connect with.

How can I ensure my content performs the best?

We will promote your content on our social media platforms which will bring a degree of activity. You will also need to do your own promotion of your content, we can advise you on how to best do this.

There will be an element of you and us figuring out what works best and how to grow your audience. There are only a few things that will work instantly and once those are accounted for, it will be about how we can best add value.

How do you plan on improving the Scheme?

Future planned developments include self-publishing, Gridiron Hub Creator Profiles, a points system on the website/app, and access to a live dashboard to check on content performance.

We also hope to be able to add more money into the pot so that we can reward more Creators or offer higher rewards.

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