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Funding Requested: £500

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Duncan Currie

Vice President | University of Aberdeen Bulls

We are the University of Aberdeen American Football Club and as one of the unviersity's newest teams we are looking to expand in the coming years. Our previous two seasons have consisted of a single game each year which has been very useful to develop but is not enough to attract a large amount of players. Therefore, one of our main aims for the coming year is to play at least three games (one at home as this is a requirement to join the BUCs league). Obviously money is needed to fund transport to and from games, along with paying for all the necessary home game costs. The more games we play the more rookies we will be able to maintain and thus the more capable we will be of developing further. Therefore, we feel that funding from Gridiron Hub would be a fantastic opportunity for us to continue our expansion, adding another established team to the underrepresented North East.

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