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Getting people play the game

Funding Requested: £600

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Patrick Mckernan

GM | Midlothian Sabers

At the Sabers we are totally non-funded we are the only club in Scotland who does not ask our players for subs as we believe no one should have to pay to play a sport. I started the team for guys to come play so I got a couple of balls and set of flags and cones which is all you really need. We only ask the guys to help chip in with money for the pitch hire on game day. At the moment we are at the stage where old players have left and we have new guys come in, so the money would be spent on strip for the players, more balls to get players more practice time on the field, and new flags as they get broken in game time. We have also been in touch with some of the local schools about coming along and trying to introduce flag football in there which will help with future players coming through. And this money would help us look a bit more professional in doing that. Any help at all would be more than grateful.

Thank you for this opportunity Midlothian Sabers.

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