How to make money from American Football

Take a moment out of your flagrant procrastination and spend it instead reading this, another Fun List. We’ve been here before.

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Opinion: Writing cheques

The current set up sees very few Americans playing for the simple reason that there are paid leagues on the continent.

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Strength and Conditioning for Children – Part 1

It’s no great surprise that the better players in this country started playing the sport at a young age whilst they were mobile enough to learn certain techniques e.g. heads up tackling and proper throwing mechanics.

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Is the NFL lying to Itself?

It’s harder to do the right thing on a bad day, than the right thing on a good day. I honestly believe that the last few weeks has seen the NFL forget its own integrity.

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London Calling Special: London Games 2018!!!

They need to follow it through as the people have spoken with their feet and turned up for these games, lapping up most of what they’ve put out in relation to the Fan Experience.

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