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You win as a team and you lose as a team – Phillip Most

Phillip Most - The Battered Bastards

Phillip Most – The Battered Bastards

My name is Phillip Most, im 25 years old and I’m an Offensive Lineman for one of the best teams in the GFL, the Dresden Monarchs.

I started playing football back in the winter of 2013. I loved the sport and decided i wanted a challenge, so I tried to get a spot on one of the best teams in Europe.

Going into my rookie year, I made it my job have the right mindset. I wanted to be the guy who was always early to practice, who works hard and who made sure to help with the small things that are really important, like helping make sure there is always water available.

Phillip Most  - Dresden Monarchs  - Photo by BK foto

Phillip Most – Dresden Monarchs – Photo by BK foto

I wanted to do these things to earn the respect of my team and my teammates. As a rookie at a big team like the Dresden Monarchs, it’s important that you do your job. I mean, you can’t do much that first year because you are maybe a third string player, so you just have to make sure that all the first teamers have all the shit they need to be good. It’s about respect. Respect is earned and you have to bring it to practice every single week.

I didn’t get much of a chance my rookie year, but I learned a lot from just supporting the starters. I was constantly watching them. How they move, what they did in different situations etc. It helped me a lot.

Phillip Most  - Dresden Monarchs  - Photo by BK foto

Phillip Most – Dresden Monarchs – Photo by BK foto

During my second season with the Monarchs, I finally got my chance. In the middle of a game, our starting Right Tackle ruptured his ACL. I just remember the Coach yelling my name to go in. I got my shit together, ran in and the job was mine for the rest of the year.

The pressure of being the starting Right Tackle was really huge, but I just thought that it was a great opportunity to show what I had learned in practice. When I was on the field, the only thing I thought about was which block I had to make right now. Nothing else.

We made it to the playoff semi finals of the German Championship and I made a huge mistake during one of the first plays of the game. We scored a Touchdown from a play action pass, but I got flagged for being illegally down field and the score was called back.

We ended up losing the game by a single Touchdown and I was totally down after the game because I kept thinking it was my fault because of that flag.

But my teammates rallied around me, raised my spirits and started making jokes about it eventually. In the end you have to moved forward. It doesn’t do you ant good to dwell on the past. At the end of the day, you win as a team and you lose as a team.

Phillip Most  - Dresden Monarchs  - Photo by Ellagraphie

Phillip Most – Dresden Monarchs – Photo by Ellagraphie

I was named MIP (Most Improved Player) at the end of the season. I learned that you have to keep your head high, always give 100% effort on the field and always be the best you can be.

If you are a young player reading this. Or even an old player, or just someone thinking about getting into the sport, I would like to say this;

Football isn’t just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. It’s really important to show up early, work hard and show the coaches that they can trust you to do your job when your numbers called. Work your ass off in practice as much as you can. Always want to get better. This is a great full body contact, team sport and you will love it.


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