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We’ve looked at the highest-paid players in the NFL but who are the players that don’t actually deserve the money and are not worth their giant contracts. We went through every position and found the most grossly overpaid players from their average annual salary!

QB Jared Goff – $33,500,000

highest-paid nfl players goff
Goff may have gotten his team to the Super Bowl but with his massive contract, they are unlikely to return. It seems like teams have figured out Goff and he is simply a product of Sean McVay’s genius, it’ll be interesting to see if he can take the next step. Photo: CBS Sports.

RB Le’Veon Bell – $13,125,000

highest-paid nfl players bell
His first year with the Jets after a one-season hiatus, did not go well. This could be because his starting QB had mono and his O-line were essentially turnstiles but his coach openly doesn’t want him and he doesn’t look like the same back he was in Pittsburgh, Photo: LA Times

WR Alshon Jeffery – $13,000,000

highest-paid nfl players jeffery
It was mind-boggling why the Eagles ever gave Jeffery a massive contract like this. In his “prove-it” year with the team, he only had 800 yards and his injury problems from Chicago have followed him, playing in just 10 games last season. Photo: Yahoo Sports

TE Jimmy Graham – $8,000,000

highest-paid nfl players graham
Why Chicago felt the need to bring in Graham at this price is anyone guess. He has failed to have a good season since 2016 with the Seahawks and could never find chemistry with Aaron Rodgers so are the Bears really paying $8 million for 300 yds and a TD. Photo: Seahawks Wire

OL Nate Solder – $15,500,000

highest-paid nfl players solder
The New York Giants have one of the worst offensive lines in the league and they took one of the top tackles in this year’s draft to try and help. Solder reset the market for offensive linemen but he has been a big disappointment in the big apple. Photo: Giants Wire

DL Trey Flowers – $18,000,000

highest-paid nfl players flowers
For a top tier salary, the Lions got a total of seven sacks. Obviously, the whole team didn’t live up to expectations in 2019 but Flowers needs to be consistently in the double-digit sack numbers to live up to his hefty contract that New England refused to give him. Photo: ESPN

LB Robert Quinn – $14,000,000

One of the most feared pass rushers in St Louis, now an oft-injured, situational rusher who had a bounceback year. Quinn had 11.5 sacks with the Cowboys in 2019 but back issues don’t just disappear and the Bears want him and Mack playing as much as possible. Photo: ESPN

CB Trae Waynes – $14,000,000

We all saw the market for corners bump up this offseason, but it’s unclear why the Bengals decided to jump on the bandwagon and overpay Waynes. They aren’t desperate in the secondary and Minnesota were trying to hide Waynes the past few years. Photo: Bucs Nation

S Devin McCourty – $11,500,000

A fan favourite in New England but unfortunately slowing down as he just signed what is likely to be his last contract. It’s hard to find an overpaid safety and McCourty is still dependable on the back end, he just isn’t what he used to be. Photo: The Athletic

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