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My American Football Journey – Ádám Győrffy

Ádám Győrffy - The Battered Bastards
Ádám Győrffy – The Battered Bastards

I’m Ádám Győrffy. I’m 24 years old and live in Budapest, Hungary. I started playing football back in 2011 but i got my first exposure to the game when I was just a child. I watched all the old American Football movies, like Any Given Sunday, and i was in love with the sport after that.

I thought i would make a pretty good wide receiver. I’ve been somewhat of an athlete since i was 3 years old. I was a swimmer for 9 years, but also played volleyball, soccer and martial arts, so I knew I had good hands and speed to be able run and catch balls in football.

The First Practice Sessions

I met a few guys while Ice Skating during an autumn break . We got on really well and they mentioned that they played American Football for a team called the Budapest Wolves. I was intrigued.

We went out to the local park and played some catch and tackle football without pads. I really enjoyed it and knew i had to try it for real at their team.

I decided to go down to a practice session at the Wolves. We done a lot of agility drills and i was doing well. Within 2 weeks i had bought my first set of pads and helmet, and then the tackle practises started.

#20 tackle - Budapest Wolves - HJG photo -
#20 tackle – Budapest Wolves – HJG photo –

I wanted to be a wide receiver but during practice, once i had the pads on, I hit a team-mate so hard that the coaches said i had to go with the linebackers in the junior team. I didn’t mind, I just wanted to play.

After the first 3 practices I hated it. Our biggest receiver pancaked me every single play. It was so frustrating and i felt ready to quit, but the coach decided to try me at Safety instead. I found it a lot better playing deeper.

The Junior Years

After all the hard practice sessions i was ready for my rookie season. Our team competes in both Hungary and Austria so I knew it would be tough. That year, we became the Hungarian champions. The Next year, we won the Austrian junior championship too.

I was a starter and loved my teammates. We were like a big crazy family. Especially the DBs. We were the craziest crew. We hit everyone who came to our zone or tried to catch a ball. I enjoyed it so much but I knew the time was coming to step up to the senior team. It would be a big step up because they compete in the Austrian division 2 and the HFL (the best league in hungary).

The Injury and Recovery

My time had come to play senior football for the Wolves. I was ready. The Hungarian season didn’t go well for us, but we went unbeaten in the Austrian league.

At the end of our last practice before the final, i made a horrible tackle and tore my left ACL and MCL.

ACL MCL injury Ádám Győrffy
ACL MCL injury Ádám Győrffy

It was a very low point in my career. I didn’t think I could come back from it. Everything I worked so hard for was up in the air. I thought it was the end of my football journey. The Doctors told me it would take around 9 months to make a full recovery. They were the toughest 9 months of my life.

But i survived, recovered and went back to my football team to start playing again. It was hard to get back at first. Last season i asked my coach to put me in our second team so i can be a starter again and play games to show that i could get back to where i was before the injury.

That season i was the tackle leader with 44 tackles. I even got an invite to our national team try-outs. It didn’t work out but maybe next year I’ll make the cut. I’ve a lot more football left in me.

Ádám Győrffy #20 Budapest Wolves -
Ádám Győrffy #20 Budapest Wolves –

Whatever happens now, I will continue to always work hard and hustle.

Ádám Győrffy

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