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What we learned – Britball Week 5
Five whole weeks down and while some games still fell by the wayside, there was good news as there were no Covid induced cancellations this week. There were some forfeits however with some teams having more understandable reasons than others. Fourteen Games made it to kickoff and eleven made it to the end, so let’s see what we learned in Week 5.



    Sabres Shock Spartans
In a storm plagued game our game of the week selection went right down to the wire between the two Essex sides. The recently Promoted Spartans hadn’t been bested by their rivals in a long time and will have fancied themselves to extend that. However, the much-improved Sabres have made a strong start this year and with time expiring the Sabres pounced on a short field opportunity to kick the game winning field goal to seal a 9-8 victory. A Setback from the Spartans and an exclamation point on the improvement East Essex have made. Even better, they get to do it all again this week and then next week too. Best two out of three anyone?



Leicester Railroad Crewe
Crewe need to be commended for continuing to play all their games despite the horrendous division they have been placed in. Teams have been complimentary of them pushing through to the end. However, we highlighted they likely wouldn’t see the same leniency from Leicester, and we were right. The Falcons ran out 66-0 Winners. It’s all good though as the Railroaders have a full week off to prepare for……. Tamworth Phoenix



Miners Caved in by Wolverines
Leigh got their first experience of 11 v 11 football on Sunday, and they were up against the Lancashire Wolverines. What a start they made however taking the lead with an early TD to take a 7-0 lead. If the Lancashire side were sleeping at the start, the score woke them up as they went on to win 86-7 in what will have been a rude awakening for the former 8GL Side. While they will face better matched opponents in the future, with only games against the Romans and Wolverines in 2021, its going to be a tough introduction.



Warriors Still in a league of their own
After two very tight games against the Blitz. The Exiles were our first look at if there would still be a large gap between every team and the Warriors. There is. The London Side ran out 49-0 Winners. You’d be forgiven for betting the house on the Warriors to be Britbowl Champions in 2022.



Sussex Thunderstruck by Bobcats
It’s been a tough start to the year for the Thunder, with two heavy losses to the Solent Thrashers. It only got worse on Sunday as the Division one Stalwart was beaten by the new kids on the Block. The Thunder Held a Half time lead but scoring points hasn’t come easy to the team from Brighton and the struggle mean Bournemouth could make the most of their chances to grab the win.



Wyverns become latest team to Thrash Torbay
Somerset accomplished a couple of first on Sunday as they become the latest team to put the beatdown on the Trojans. They sealed their first ever win over the Trojans and they did it in style securing their first ever 50 Burger as they ran out 57-0 Winners.



Swindon Storm past Hereford
Swindon Storm perhaps had a point to prove as they faced off against newcomers the Hereford Stampede. It was a tight game all the way until the 4th quarter. The game entered its final phase with the Storm holding a 21-6 lead. But the experience of the Swindon side showed as they racked up 23 points in the final Quarter to run out 44-12 winners.



Tamworth Torment Struggling Steelers
The Phoenix had some question marks over them following their season open win against the Falcons. They were determined to make the most of Sandwell’s well documented struggles to try put those questions to bed. With a Brand-new Head Coach and a new Offensive coordinator with only a week to put a system in place, it was never going to be a good day for Sandwell, and the Tamworth side wasted no time putting their opponents to the sword as they racked up score after score, running up a 61-0 victory.

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