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Not as exciting as the Prem North but still some juicy final day drama for the Prem South.

Here’s the Standings for reference:

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So it’s the Warriors and Blitz in the Playoffs regardless of results this weekend. Aztecs and O’s could switch places in the chase for the Bronze medal. But the big game is the Exiles v Knights with the winner banishing their opponent to the Div 1 realm.

Game 1

Let’s start with the exciting one shall we? Kent Exiles (2-7) host Farnham Knights (1-8). These 2 played back in Week 10 where Farnham secured their only win of the season in a game that they scored more than 50% of the total number of points the have managed the entire season!

This gives them the upper hand in a tie breaker situtation meaning tht a Knights win would see them safe for another year of Prem South ball. However, should the Exiles get the W, their record of 3 wins to the Knights 1 would mean the Knights are relegated.

It’s sort of expected that a newly promoted team will take time to adjust at any level so really the Exiles have to date performed as well as could be expected. The Knights however, as an established top flight side, should have done much better this year and, dare I say it, don’t really deserve to stay up.

Game 2

London Blitz (7-2) host the London O’s (4-5). Back in week 5 when these 2 played, the O’s were kicking themselves having lost a game they felt that they should have won. With the scoreline of 14-21, you can see how close they were and how much they will have been ruing any errors on the day.

The Blitz have nothing to play for other than pride, they will want to maintain their ‘beating-everyone-apart-from-the-Warriors’ record. Plus they will not want to beaten in their own house.

However, the O’s do have something (other than revenge) dirving them in this one. If they win and the Aztecs lose, then they will finish in third place in the Prem South for the second year on the trot.

Game 3

The last game in the Prem South, I have to say, is an absolute banker. And that is because one of the teams in the London Warriors (9-0). They are quite simply a cut above anything else in the UK scoring 556 and conceding just 35 points in 9 games so far this year.

They travel to play Bristol Aztecs (4-5) who will be fighting to maintain their 3rd place position but are likely to lose this one and have their place in the Standings decided by the Blitz/O’s game.

My Predictions

I think that the winners on the day will be: London Warriors, London O’s, and Kent. Meaning that Farnham will sadly be relegated. I know the O’s are big underdogs here but I fancy a final day upset.

You can make your own predictions on our Community Picks page (link below). Results will be shared on Friday.

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