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Returning, Bad Opposition Defense. Shootout – Jameis Winston

I am starting Jameis Winston everywhere I have him this weekend. I’d play him over Dalton, I’d play him over Andrew Luck. This is going to be a great game for fantasy, as has every single Falcons game this season. Matt Ryan is definitely a good option this week, but if you want to spend less, Jameis costs $1000 less at a very fair $5,800. The Bucs offense has a great chance this week to put up points, and it rests on the shoulder of their QB.

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London-bound, Struggling Opposition Defense, Potential Shootout – Russell Wilson

I am going to the game this weekend, and I am expecting a very offensive game – both defenses are looking likely to struggle, and both offenses have stars left-right and centre. Russell Wilson is a very talented QB, as is Derek Carr, however I’d lean towards the Seahawks QB because their run game is so much less potent than the Raiders’. At only $5,700 you are currently getting the cheapest Russell Wilson shares you will probably ever get.


Running Back

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RB1 Still Out, Price Still Low – Tevin Coleman

You may not know why this is the case, but Tevin Coleman is still only $5,400. I think that the only reason for this is Devonta Freeman’s constant active-inactive hokey cokey. DK set his price based on the fact that Freeman will start, and then if he doesn’t – Coleman gets way more volume. He averages about 12 points per game, but has more upside than that, especially against Tampa Bay.

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Revenge Game, In London, Underpriced – Marshawn Lynch

This is a personal favourite this week, I can’t wait. If the Raiders get the ball on the 1-yard line, you can bet your house he’s going to want to run the ball for another 50. Beast Mode is going to put on a show for the London fans, and I think he’s going to put the ball into the Wembley end zone at least once. At only $5,300 Lynch is criminally underpriced and I have him in my team wherever I can fit him in.


Wide Receiver

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Let’s Try Again, This Time It’ll Work – Julio Jones

Fantasy players have short memories. It’s a gift and a curse. I will remind you, so that you don’t look back and kick yourself. Last year, Julio literally murdered the Buccaneers. There is no other way to put it – he absolutely demolished them. How does this fantasy line sound? 15 Targets for 12 Receptions. 268 All-Purpose Yards. 2 Touchdowns. Tampa Bay were literally embarrassed. Even if he only gets half of that stat line, he’ll be set for 20 odd fantasy points, for a reasonable $7,900.

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Against A Bad Defense, Underrated Talent, Low Price – Tyler Lockett

Yet again, another London pick. I’m not just being biased; this game has a lot of potential. I am also pretty optimistic for both Amari Cooper, Doug Baldwin and Jordy Nelson too (listed in that order of preference) but I think the most cost-effective DK pick this week is Tyler Lockett – at $5,100. The Raiders secondary leaves a lot to be desired, and the simple fact is, Baldwin requires a lot of attention, now that he’s back. I think Lockett is going to break through that defense at least once, and if Wilson hasn’t been sacked yet, the Raiders won’t be able to stop him.

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Budget WR Pick, Good Target Share – Willie Snead

It is very easy to overlook Willie Snead. He hasn’t scored a Touchdown since the first week of the season, so he hasn’t got that obvious production which everyone can target, but he’s scoring around 11 fantasy points per game, and he is up against Tennessee this weekend which presents a good enough matchup to make his $4,100 price tag seem very reasonable – he’s got a good floor and the potential for a touchdown to give him that all important boost.


Tight End

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Great offense, TD upside – Austin Hooper

I could copy and paste this paragraph every week. Austin Hooper is on one of the best offenses in the league, and his team can’t defend – so they just keep on passing. Matt Ryan is looking like the best losing QB in history right now, and due to the every-week shootout gamescript you can expect from the Falcons, Hooper has plenty of chance for a TD on any week as well as a handful of targets. At $3,500 you can’t really ask for more than that.

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Poised For Breakout, Very Reasonable Price – David Njoku

I have a very strong feeling that Njoku will start to cost more than £3,800 soon, so you need to capitalise on it whilst you can. Against the Chargers this week, the Browns are going to have to put up points, and Njoku is a very talented and athletic Tight End. He’s the exact opposite of his opposite number this week, Antonio Gates. Njoku is getting a good amount of targets and he looks great, but the lack of Touchdown production is keeping him at an affordable price. When he starts hitting paydirt, you’ll start hearing his name a lot.



Image Credit: USA Today

This weekend, for once, people might not have to spend $4,000, but you can still approach the week the exact same as I usually advice you do – go against the Bills. The Texans D do also have some elite players in Watt, Mathieu and Clowney. For $3,500 you can pick up at least a couple of turnovers, against the misfiring Buffalo offense.


Honourable Mentions

Matt Ryan vs Tampa Bay – QB – $6,800
Jordan Howard @ Miami – RB – $6,500
Latavius Murray vs Arizona – RB – $4,700
Robert Woods @ Denver – WR – $6,900
Jarvis Landry vs Los Angeles – WR – $6,600
DeSean Jackson @ Atlanta – WR – $5,900
Cameron Brate @ Atlanta – TE – $3,700

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