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You’ve probably been following all the controversy here about the 8GL league and the Midland Storm on Gridiron Hub but it doesn’t seem to be over yet. Earlier today, the league announced their return to action plan which essentially stated they would not be playing any games until government guidelines permitted.

Well, it seems the team that played in that controversial match last week doesn’t agree with the statement and the Midland Storm will no longer participate in the 8GL league. With the Pennine Panthers also stepping away that leaves just six teams that are supposedly apart of this makeshift American Football league. It will be interesting to see what happens with this developmental league and it’s teams going forward.

Please see the full official statement from the Midland Storm below:

Midland Storm Official Statement

‘We as a team feel it is necessary to address the recent controversy around our involvement in the 8GL

We would firstly like to state we are disappointed with the league statement, and we reject the notion that the league was entirely unaware of the game. We believe there to have been a miscommunication between the teams involved and the 8GL.

We do however recognise that we as a team made a morally poor decision to play the game, regardless of our perceived legal status.

Despite the strenuous lengths taken to ensure the game was played safely, with track and trace and risk assessments being completed, the recent developments in today’s government guidelines highlight the risks involved.

We have therefore decided to cease our participation in the 8GL for the foreseeable future.

We ask that the privacy of our steam and staff is respected and that no further comments are made towards these individuals.’

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