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The disbanded Maidstone Pumas will be awarding all club assets to the Kent Phoenix in order to support American football locally!

The Maidstone Pumas announced earlier this week they would be disbanding and in a club statement, the Kent Phoenix say they will receive all of the club assets as an act of generosity to from the Pumas in order to support American Football locally. They have also talked about forming some sort of partnership that will allow the players and coaches from Maidstone to continue being involved with the sport they love!

Full Club Statement:

This week we have been approached by the Chairman of the Maidstone Pumas. Following an EGM at which the sad decision to disband the Pumas was taken they have, in line with their constitution offered to award their club assets to the Kent Phoenix in order to support us in continuing to provide American Football locally. We have accepted this offer and are grateful to the Pumas for their generosity.

During the discussions a number of factors for this disbandment came to light, it was also noted that there was still a desire among the coaches and players to participate in our sport should the opportunity arise. With the consent of the Kent Phoenix Board, further discussions surrounding the operational requirements and challenges of operating an Adult team have taken place including conversations about the Pumas membership desire to continue to play the sport as a group, we will now enter discussions with the membership and our NGB to see if Kent Phoenix can look to help these players and coaches in their desire to continue to play American football within our community.

Kent Phoenix AFC

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