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Well, we have made it through four weeks of the 2021 Season, not all of us with our dignities intact but we have got there. With a couple of games falling by the wayside, it has just been accepted that this will be a regular occurrence this year, so expect to see this continue for the duration of this makeshift season. Despite this, there was still plenty to learn this week.

The Inevitable Has Happened

With Covid still prominent and numbers trending upwards as well as the mix and match 2021 season, the inevitable has happened. While games being postponed and forfeited due to Covid is the correct and sensible approach for the safety of our players, it has certainly raised questions over the season. However, the main issue is one we highlighted pre-season with regards to the league alignments, with lower division teams taking on opponents in higher tiers resulting in injuries, due to the fact the players of higher teams are generally bigger, faster and stronger and with the best intentions in the world, players can’t tackle and block etc at 50% and ultimately people are going to get hurt. This is proving to be correct as more and more teams are reporting high volumes of injuries mainly after playing higher teams. This is in no way the fault of any teams, but it was a point highlighted before the season that is becoming painfully apparent after 4 weeks.

Tactical Forfeits Prove Fruitless

Whether due to numbers or sheer will not to get pasted, a couple of teams have elected to forfeit games rather than play them in what would likely result in an unflattering scoreline. Despite this however, having a fresh squad for their next matchups didn’t pay dividends in Week 4 as the same teams were still blown away.

Teams Struggle To Finish

Reports suggest that three games and even the downgraded controlled scrimmage failed to be completed on Sunday from depleted squads and injuries all taking their toll, meaning that game time was cut short. While at least teams attempted to play how concerning will this be for future games if this is the current situation.

Merciless Manchester Maul Merseyside

Our game of the week fell short of expectations, while the first half was hotly contested, the Titans ended up riding out comfortable 42-10 winners. The two premiership rivals clashing was one of those games you immediately look for in the Calendar, however the Titans appear to have continued their meteoric rise and the strength in depth appears to have simply made them too much for their local rivals.

Torbay in Turmoil

The Trojans lost again on Sunday, this time heavily to the Jurassic Coast Raptors. I don’t know what is going on down in Torbay but they’ve gone from a playoff team in 2019 to one that is getting blown away every week. I know some players have left down to the Monarchs, but something has to have gone very wrong for the drop off they have experienced this year

Stallions Stalled By Blitz B

The Wembley Stallions had made a stellar start to 2021 going 2-0, and whilst tying with the Blitz B keeps the unbeaten streak going. It is a game I’m sure they would like to have won having beaten them 7 days ago. On the flipside, it is another show that the Blitz B are clearly ready for Division One Ball.

Revolution Put Surge In A Spin

The Revs only got half a game in their 0-0 opener v the Leicester Falcons so will have been itching to get that first game done. They wasted no time blasting their way to a 44-0 victory over the Staffordshire Surge, getting off to a winning start.

Cheetahs Avoid The Hornets Sting

The Hertfordshire side make it two wins on the bounce with a win against the London Hornets. I had these two teams pegged as Divisional contenders in my preseason reviews and the game didn’t disappoint. In yet another Thames Valley competitive clash, the Cheetahs ran out 25-20 winners in an exciting clash.

Raptors Ruin Everything

After backing the Raptors to beat the Trojans, I was feeling good about my pick when they went on to claim a comfortable win over the ailing Torbay side. I then even declared myself as the Raptors #1 fan. How did they reward me? by forfeiting next weeks game not 24 hours after their win. Firstly, requesting the game be downgraded to a controlled scrimmage, a request which was refused by fellow Division two side the Bristol Apache only to then decide they then couldn’t play the game so elected to forfeit.

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