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Well, what a Bizarre week it turned out to be for week 2 of the 2021 Britball season, weather delays, forfeits, cancellations, pull-outs, shootouts, blowouts you name it we got it during only the 2nd week of the season. I’m sure many of us enjoy seeing a bit of out of the ordinary but maybe future weeks can dial it down a notch. Anyway, let’s look at what we learned from Week 2 of the BAFA 2021 season. 

From Week 1 Elation to Week 2 Devastation

There was a sense of joy and pride last week when teams took to the field for the first time in a year and a half with games running smoothly teams ready to play. That sense of joy was destroyed by the chaos that was Week 2. In the lead up, two teams withdrew from the league, one team forfeit their game and two games were postponed due to Covid positive cases within teams. Add to that there reports of numerous serious injuries, as well as four games impacted by lightning with two of them having to be abandoned. The whole thing was a mess from top to bottom. In fact, out of the 14 scheduled games this week only 9 were completed. Hopefully, this was just a freak week and not a sign of things to come.

Praise all around for those at the Falcons v Revolution Game 

There was a lot to admire about how the incident of the player injury was handled at the game between Leicester and Shropshire. While the player appearing to collapse was distressing, I will not speculate on anything around the incident. However, what I will do is highlight the speed of the Falcons medic making her way onto the field, the alertness of both teams and officials to highlight the urgency of the matter as well as both teams carrying the player off the field. Onside Productions similarly handled the incident with dignity, immediately panning the camera away from the incident and refusing to speculate on what was going on. At the time of writing the latest was the player left the field awake and able to talk and I and I’m sure everyone wishes him a speedy recovery.

Leicester Offence struggles without key players

The news broke on game day that Leicester would be without their Starting QB or Wide Receiver and it showed. Credit to the Revolution defence who forced constant pressure on the Falcons Quarterback, but it was worrying to see the offence completely stall.

Torbay the Trojan Horse of 2021

I had high hopes for the Trojans with them being runner up in their division in 2019 and no longer facing the South Wales Warriors. My hope was drastically misplaced as they followed up their blowout loss to the Apache with a blowout loss to the Monarchs. As per my own personal rules the Trojans are now on my ‘banned from being picked as game-winners for 5 weeks’ list.

Lightning Storm Grounds the Bombers

The Lincolnshire Bombers were looking good and giving the Nottingham Caesars a run for their money throughout their matchup. In fact, they were up 13-7 in the 3rd Quarter before a lightning storm delayed the game. After the teams got back up and running, the break took its toll and the Nottingham side took over, running up 37-19 winners.

Romans Rapid Progress or Nighthawks Nightmare Defence?

After the Romans really struggled to put up points on the Spartans, I feared the worst for them going up against the Nighthawks. We were told “you will find out tomorrow like everyone else” by someone involved with Merseyside during our show on Saturday. That was true we seem to have found out that Merseyside still have an extremely powerful offence and that hasn’t changed, the flip side is how worrying the scoreboard looks for their defence. The final score reported was 49-40 to the Nighthawks. That’s a lot of points to ship to a team that managed a single offensive TD to the Spartans a week earlier.

Monarchs emerging as a Crown Jewel

The Monarchs went through a rough patch under the previous leadership and following changes elected to rebrand from the Sharks to the Monarchs. In their new blue and gold uniforms, they have absolutely blasted off to start this season going 2-0 winning their games by a combined 87-19. The change has clearly drawn new players and a new lease of life to Cornwall and it’s great to see them recover in such a convincing fashion.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice; it strikes four times.

In something I have certainly never seen in my time in Britball, there was a sweeping spate of lightning storms across England, hitting four different games with delays. Out of the four games, two managed to see it through to the end with the Bombers v Caesars and Romans v Nighthawks. However, the Sheffield Giants v Yorkshire Rams and the Leicester Falcons v Shropshire Revolution both had to call the games early.

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1 Comment

  1. Paul Breen on 7th July 2021 at 1:43 pm

    Bizarre is probably an understatement for week 2.
    I was watching the Falcons v Revolution game in which there was that medical emergency and I agree that everyone involved should be very highly praised with the way it was handled by both teams.
    I hope that the player involved makes a good and full recovery.

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