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Well, well, well, with the season winding down for most teams and many playing their last game, this week was bound to be nice and quiet with absolutely no surprises at all and every score to go exactly the way it’s expected right? Not so fast my friend, I would have to look back but I’m not sure I have personally had aWweek where I’ve called as many games wrong before. What an exciting week it was with plenty to be discussed and much learned.

Blitz v Phoenix In Clandestine Clash

Word is the Tamworth Phoenix travelled to London to play a game against the London Blitz, or maybe it was just to help them with some filming, honestly, I’m not quite sure and by the sounds of the mixed messages being sent neither was anyone else involved, some reported a score, some say no such things happened and was more like a joint practice and one given reason was Tamworth made the trip all the way to London simply to do a spot of filming with the Blitz. Honestly, who knows, maybe the teams can explain but then again maybe they don’t want to but what is a curious series of events, a score was sent in saying the Blitz won 10-7.

Rams Rule Yorkshire

Yup you were right this should have been game of the week; we know but nothing we can do about that now. But what a statement of intent from the Yorkshire Rams! The Division 1 side who had their struggles in 2019 have looked formidable this year and while they were against Division 2 opponents most of the season, their previous half they got to play against the Giants looked like a strong showing for them. But that wasn’t good enough for the Rams as they went out and beat the Premier Division side in an absolutely stunning game. The 3rd quarter ended with the Premiership side leading 35-28 but the Rams managed a game-winning 4th Quarter drive with the TD making the score 35-34 to the Giants, the Rams went for 2 and converted! Giving the underdogs the 36-35 lead which they never relinquished and allowed them to finish 5-0 and claim the division crown. A Massive win for the Rams and conversely a potentially concerning loss for the Giants heading into the 2022 Premiership Campaign. Division 1 has been put firmly on notice for next season.

Bulls Battle But Can’t Beat The Storm

A week removed from giving the Leicester Falcons a good game, you would be forgiven for expecting this to be a straightforward affair for the Birmingham Bulls as they faced off against the Swindon Storm. At halftime, the Bulls trailed 23-6 before an absolutely blistering 2nd half had turnovers, Touchdowns and missed extra points with the Bulls getting out to a 24-23 lead following one of those missed PATs. But the Storm did what was needed and retaliated with a Touchdown and conversion to take a 30-24 lead going late into the game. The Bulls then had the kick return go the distance before it was called back. After a couple of possession exchanges and nearing the final minutes, the Bulls scored the Touchdown tying the game at 30-30 with the extra point needing to be kicked for the win… But it was missed again! There was still time for a Bulls hail Mary following an interception, but it was not to be and the game finished tied. Shout out the Teams and more importantly, the Bulls twitter admin who’s thumbs must have been on fire keeping up with this one.

Blackhawks Hunt Down Hunters To Grab First Win

In what has been a difficult year for the Blackhawks, a first positive step had been made by getting a tie in their previous match to move to 0-2-1 but that first win had still eluded them, that all changed this week as they pulled off the upset win against the previously undefeated Dumfries Hunters. In another exciting finale, the Hunters took the lead with around one and a half minutes to go after converting the 2 points after touchdown score to lead 8-6. The Blackhawks then put together a 2-minute drive that ended in a Touchdown pass with seconds remaining to snatch the win.

Titans Trounce Nighthawks

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good the Manchester Titans have looked this year and they are one of the few Premiership teams who have been able to get a high calibre match up. Both times they have met the Nighthawks, the Titans have absolutely dominated them however in what had previously been close matchups. A 54-6 win for Manchester certainly suggests that the Titans have taken another big step forward.

Solent Secure Perfect Season

The Thrashers are another team who have had a really good year and they rounded that out with their 8th win on the season with a 34-14 win over the Rushmoor Knights. All attention in Solent will now turn to 2022 where they will be eager to start their first premier division campaign.

Knottingley Knock off Humber

It’s been a really good year for the side from Hull securing a winning season including a good double over the Doncaster Mustangs, that almost makes it feel disappointing for them to end it with a shock loss to the Raiders. In a tight contest, the Raiders came through with a 27-23 win to secure their first victory of the campaign, with the Warhawks rounding out the season 5-2

Apache Finish Perfect

The Bristol side finished the year with a 26-2 win against the Somerset Wyverns and finish the season undefeated as they win all six of their matchups that went ahead and likely are awarded the two wins over the Raptors. It’s been a good showing from the Apache, who will likely face similar opponents in 2022 as they look to push for promotion. However, it’s worth noting what a good year of improvement has been made by the Wyverns who will be high on confidence going into next year.

Full Steam Ahead

This is more like the game I expected the first time around when the Darlington Steam faced off against the Gateshead Senators. The Steam came out on top on this occasion as the home side secured an 18-14 win in what will be a big boost to them going into 2022, where they are likely to share a division.

Spartans Slaughter Sabres

Since suffering the shock loss to the East Essex Sabres a few weeks back, we have seen a completely different Spartans side. Since then, they have met the team that bested them twice and blew them away on both occasions. Another strong showing for the side as they build towards their maiden Division 1 campaign.

Norwich to Nil again

Well, we should not have trusted the Devils with game of the week again. After smashing their opponents 63-0 last time out, we expected a much closer matchup against the Colchester Gladiators. Thankfully it was as the game finished 18-0 to the Devils in a shutout win that moves them to 0.500 on the season which is a good result after a bit of a sluggish start to the year.

Hornets Hammer Blitz B

Yet another one we called wrong. The Hornets have had a bit of an up and down year in what I really expected would be a division challenging year for them. The Blitz have looked good at times this year and more than ready for Division 1 ball. However on this day, the experience of the Hornets side took over and they ran out comfortable winners, in the end, securing a 34-6 victory.

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