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The season only has a number of weeks left before this weird year is over. A couple of call-offs this week left a limited number of games being played. There were a couple of on-field incidents as things got heated but what else did we learn?

Blitz Five Warriors A Scare

Much of this season has been around people saying that the Warriors are on a different level to the rest of Britball. Well, it looks like the Blitz took that rather personally and came out prepared to give their closest rivals a game. This should give them great confidence heading into next year to be back competing at Britbowl.

Cambridgeshire Goes Perfect

After making it to the semi-finals of Division 1 in 2019 the Cats looked to continue their progression. Their division may have been easier, but they took care of business and round out the season undefeated. Several other teams may follow them in the coming weeks.

Bulls Legitimate Division 1 Team?

The Birmingham Bulls have been close to winning Division 2 over the last few years but have just fallen short. They were supposed to move into the SFC2 in 2020 but now they looked good in their Division and even against the Aztecs didn’t get thumped. Their result against Leicester at the weekend makes it seem like they could cut it in Division 1 next season.

Cheetahs Outrun Stallions         

The Cheetahs loss to the Stallions early season seemed to kick them up a gear. Both teams went through the season without defeat since. This meant going into this weekend the crown in one of Britball’s best divisions was up for grabs. They didn’t disappoint, but the Cheetahs took the win 34-20 leaving them sitting atop of the pile.

The Rams ‘Do It For Yorkshire!’

The Rams have had several weeks off now due to opponents not playing and this could have left them a little rusty. That certainly wasn’t the case as they put up a burger/bagel 69-0 win against the Doncaster Mustangs. The big game awaits them this weekend as they face off against the Sheffield Giants in a highly anticipated game.

Big Scots Land Big Wins   

The two highest-ranked teams in Scotland continue to show there is a gap between them and everyone else. Both the Wolves and Pirates put up strong score lines this weekend as we await the much-anticipated rematch between the two sides. They likely continue to put up plenty of points against the other Division 1 sides as they prepare.

We Kent You Could Do It

The Exiles suffered what most would say was a surprise loss at home to the London Olympians a few weeks ago. Rumours of several key players missing meant that this return fixture would be one to watch. The Exiles came out firing and managed an away win of 34-0. This season must be seen as a success for the program despite the record.

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